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Cameron Piorek – His Road to Recovery

In the later part of April 2008, Cameron Piorek critically injured his C-7 vertebrae in a High School Lacrosse game where he played Long-Pole Defenseman for Aliso Viejo High School….LaxBuzz will now be posting updates from his family from the CaringBridge website. He is attempting to rehabilitate from this devastating injury and the support of family, friends, the lacrosse community and concerned people around the world are supporting this incredible challenge. Below is the latest journal entry:


OK, lots to update…so the most important stuff first:

Most importantly, the hospital has set a tentative date of June 26th for Cameron to come home. This date could change, though if their house is not ready for him. There have been some problems with the permits, so if anybody has any pull down at the Laguna Niguel building department let Brandon know as soon as possible (or email me and I will forward to Brandon). If the permits aren’t pulled in time, then the project could be in jeopardy and Cameron’s homecoming postponed, and at this point, Brandon and Kelly are very anxious to bring Cameron home.

Brandon would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to the following people for helping in the construction process: Marshall Ininns Design Group (architecture) , Bill Zolg at Professional Services Construction (demolition, plumbing, framing), Taylor Helm of Shoreline Construction (tile and stone installation), Mike McGuire (concrete), B.R. Kellog Waterproofing (shower pan), Dal tile of Irvine (tile and stone), Mark Lorenzo & Co. (cabinets and finish carpentry).

Next, and just as important… we are in need of more people to sign up for food donations. We have finally made it to the end of the list and need more voluntters. If you can help and would like to provide a meal for the Piorek family, please contact Pyper Johnson at 949/307-7744

OK, now for the fun stuff… Two big fundraisers are also in the works. The first is the 5K run organized by Elaine Reeves Gjonovich at Outdoor Fitness Adventure Club in San Clemente. All of the team leaders are in place, but we will need a LOT of vounteers, so if you are interested in participating, please let us know. More information is available on the Outdoor Fitness and Adventure Club Website: www.outdoorfitnessonline.org

The second is a very exciting and fun BOWLING AND SILENT AUCTION event that is being hosted by Indiana’s MOST PRIZED, lunch lady, Mary D’Innocenzo . It is scheduled for August 16 from 12pm-4pm, at Saddleback Lanes. Reservations must be made by August 1st so please contact Mary at (949) 830-4940. Cost is $20 per player (includes 1 hour of bowling and shoe rental) and each lane can accomodate up to 5 bowlers. Let’s all have a great time and FILL ALL THE LANES!!! A flyer will be posted on this site as well in the next day or so.

And now for what you really came to the site to read about…and it’s REALLY exciting stuff!! Oh wait…before I get to that…Kelly is offering another one of her ‘cosmetic improvement’ tournaments. She has finally managed to get Cameron to shave on a some-what regular basis, but now he does not want to cut his hair. He loves the long-haired hippy look, but Kelly is not so keen of it. SOOOOO…if there is anyone out there that is able to cut hair or if you can convince Cameron that he really does look better with shorter hair, then you will be awarded the medal of honor and prizes await you… Pssstttt…Neighbor Kelsey… the competition is on..will you be a two time winner or will you share that honor with someone else?!



Below is the first journal entry:
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 2008 11:01 PM, CDT

Cameron is currently in stable condition; however, he has been placed on a ventilator to assist him in breathing while he undergoes the procedure that will lower his core body temperature and, hopefully, reduce the swelling in his spinal cord. It is hoped that he can be wakened from his ‘controlled sleep’ by Friday, at which time surgical options will be considered.

A special Thank You to Cameron’s friend James Zapata for the following quote:
The bible says in Jeremiah 30:17
‘I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the Lord