Ventura County Lacrosse…Growing Quickly

(From Simi Valley Acorn)

“Lacrosse? That’s the game with the nets, right?”

This is a question I am constantly asked.

Lacrosse is the fastestgrowing sport and continues to gain popularity. More popular on the East Coast, it is starting to become more popular on the West Coast.

In Ventura County, lacrosse is becoming more popular than ever. Recall the Acorn article from three years ago (June 3, 2005, “Not going to reLAX”).

What’s become of lacrosse in Ventura County? With hopes of becoming a CIF sport, lacrosse is still around.

Most people don’t know this, but there are club teams in Calabasas, Agoura, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park and Westlake Village, which are all part of the Southern California Youth Lacrosse Association.

Oak Park Jason Redmond / Star staff Oak Park High's Brett Zeolla, center, moves the ball under pressure from Cate defender Won Suh, right, in the first quarter of their lacrosse match at Oak Park High on Saturday afternoon. Zeolla, who also plays football and soccer, started playing lacrosse in the eighth grade.went CIF- with a female player on their team. Royal has a club, and Los Angeles has a professional team.

As a player on T.O. and the founder of the Royal lacrosse club, I know that lacrosse will eventually become a CIFsanctioned sport.

Once you’re introduced to the sport, it’s addicting.

Anyone who is interested in playing lacrosse should go to There has been a new interest in Simi Valley youth, so I think it’s time we get the ball rolling.
Kyle Quiroz
Simi Valley

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