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Lacrosse In Olympics?…Canada Won 1904 Gold…Let’s Just Get Lacrosse Into High Schools First….


(This from the Manitoba, Canada, Sports Hall of Fame on Lacrosse in Olympics)

“The sport of lacrosse is one of the oldest in the history of the province. In fact, lacrosse holds the distinction of being the only non-winter sport team in Manitoba history to capture Olympic gold. The 1904 Winnipeg Shamrocks did just that when they went to St. Louis to compete in the Games. Lacrosse has been a demonstration sport three times at the Olympics (1928/32/48) and was featured in an exhibition tournament at the 1984 Games, but it has only been a full medal sport twice in its long history (1904 & ’08, with Canadian teams winning on both occasions).

In 1904, the Olympic Games in St. Louis struggled with poor attendance. The sport of lacrosse featured only three competitors: the Winnipeg Shamrocks representing Canada, a club from St. Louis A.A.A. representing the host nation and the Mohawk Indians from the Brantford, Ontario region, who could be argued to have represented both Canada and the First Nations people of that area. The Shamrocks captured gold with 6-1 and 8-2 victories over their respective opponents, with the Americans settling for silver and the Mohawks the bronze.

The 1904 Winnipeg Shamrocks Lacrosse Team

Next, from BaltimoreSun.com article on Olympic sports being added…

“…Even before the cap, sports got yanked from the field of play. Lacrosse lost its Olympic status 100 years ago after appearances in St. Louis and London. Ditto the sport of motorboating. Cricket and croquet were the one-hit wonders of the 1900 Summer Olympics.”


(Below is news report from Enterprises.news.com for Lacrosse to be added a sport for high schools in Massachussetts)

“…But school administrators are cautious, citing concerns about the costs to run the program, the wear and tear on fields and the low number of anticipated members.

On Wednesday night, Larry Simpson, the director of the boys program of Lakers Youth Lacrosse, made a plea for the program to the regional school committee, as students of all ages in the program crowded the meeting room.

Simpson said lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America and would be a good alternative to the school’s other sports.

“Kids are looking for a spring sport that’s not as physical as the others are,” he said.

As an example of its growing popularity, Simpson said the Lakeville program started two years ago with 50 players and now has more than 200.

…Apponequet High School Principal Gary Lincoln said he likes the sport and that his son plays it at Syracuse University, but has concerns about the number of players, the fields they would need, and money.

He said the user fee system the school is establishing for athletics is too new to risk adding another sport. Calculations on all the others are based on “full participation.”

“One-hundred-and-eleven players?” Lincoln said. “Other sports have 500 players and we have trouble finding fields for them. It doesn’t seem the right time to start a program.”