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Kieran Murphy Update: Great Recovery

KIERAN MURPHY Syracuse Lacrosse ’06, NCAA National Champs 2004

KIERAN MURPHY Syracuse Lacrosse ’06, NCAA National Champs 2004



UPDATE (July 28, 2008) After more than 2 months in the hospital, Kieran has walked out of Northridge Hospital last week. He will begin outpatient rehab next week at UCLA.

He has made a HUGE improvement, and for any of you that were there during the accident, you’ll probably agree it feels like a miracle. Kieran has been focused, determined and has shown the heart of a champ during these last 2 months.

THANK YOU to everyone that has donated to Kieran’s fund.



Syracuse Lacrosse ’06, NCAA National Champs 2004
Suffern High School ’02, 2x All American

Nike Elite Lacrosse Camp…Insider Account From Inside Lacrosse

Dallas Humphries stood at as one of the best middies at Friday\\'s NELC

Dallas Humphries stood at as one of the best middies at Friday's NELC

http://blogs.insidelacrosse.com/2008/08/07/first-person-perspective-nike-elite-lacrosse-camps/       TERRY FOY REPORTING

So if you’ve seen this video, you know how badly I took down everything the guys from the Nike Elite Lacrosse Camp could throw at me.


Or, you saw a 23-year-old lacrosse writer five years removed from his last practice trying to compete alongside a handful of future All-Americans (though, luckily I followed my gut and didn’t try to suit up, though some of the directors were pushing me the other way).


What you didn’t see was Saturday, where I spent all day on the couch, sore and watching movies. The soreness came as a surprise, however, because throughout the training portion of the camp, the aspects of Sparq training that we went through only resulted in limited fatigue; it was really awesome.

Here are some of the drills Doug and Chris Gizzi (a nod to fellow Cleveland St. Ignatius grads) brought the next generation of training and conditioning to some of the country’s best high school lacrosse players last week:

Speed Ladder

The primary focus was on foot placement, learning how to control your lower body while moving as quickly as possible.

Short Fence

Stopping is the most time-consuming part of changing direction, so these small hop drills emphasized learning how to start one foot while the other is still in motion.

Circle Sprints

Change of direction also relies on following your feet, so the focus was on pointing my lead foot in the direction I wanted to head.

Heavy Ball

For core strength training, medicine balls come in handy as a good way to isolate muscle groups and safely extend resistance beyond the normal scope.

All in all, what an eye-opening experience provided to me by Greg Bice, Anthony Kelly, Steve Brooks, Brett Hughes and Kyle Harrison. Also, thanks to the all-star counselors Danny Glading, Ken Clausen, Kevin Huntley, Taylor Claggett and Mark Wade who dropped some pearls of wisdom on my game.

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