Cameron Piorek Update: Rehabilitation Continues To Make Good Progress

It has been a very exciting week. Cameron has spent time on a bicycle to build up his leg strength as well as to help him with his balance. He can support his own weight on the bike, while being assisted using the pedals. At Project Walk, his team of therapists began a treatment where he is placed into a ceiling-mounted hoist with electrical stimulation tools on his legs. He is then lifted into an upright standing position and, while he is holding onto bars on either side of him, the electrical stimulation lifts his legs and simulates walking. Since his blood pressure has to be continually monitored, his time in the walking device is limited, but he showed a great deal of progress by being able to work for 10 minutes on his first try. It was a very touching moment for Kelly as it was the first time that Kelly was able to view him eye to eye at his normal height since April.

Cameron with G.W. Mix of L.A. Riptide

Cameron with G.W. Mix of L.A. Riptide

A lot of visitors are stopping by and it has truly helped to keep Cameron’s spirits up. His new room and bathroom are working out great for being able to entertain friends. Tuesdays and Saturdays are the best days to visit, so if you would like to stop by, please do before the hectic pace of school starts back up.

If you do visit, be prepared to battle Cameron, Kelly, Indiana and Jordan on Rock Band. Cameron is a very good singer so he uses the microphone and, while he can’t quite master the bass drum pedal yet, he is able to to place the drum sticks in his gloves and rock out on the drums too. Move over Tommy Lee…

Next week, Kelly will be meeting with the school district to make plans for Cam to go back to school. He is very excited to see everyone.

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