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Cameron Piorek Update: “Race To Walk” A Huge Success

The Team Cameron Race to Walk 5K was

nothing short of a HUGE SUCCESS!!





 Cameron was given a 3-5 minute head

start to the race, but after that, the line

flowed for over 5 minutes to enter the

course. Aferward, there was an

amazing pancake breakfast and lots of

carnival and food booths as well as

kiosks run by some of the most popular

local businesses. The silent auction and

raffle was a huge success as well!Big Thank Yous to everyone who helped
 make the event a success and

 especially to everyone who ran or

 walked the course!!




Keeping up with Cameron:

Cameron had a great first week at school last week. It was very busy and he was quite exhausted, but he is adjusting well. He goes to school from 8am-12pm everyday, then he’s off to therapy. He has absolutely come to LOVE Project Walk and is making great strides there. His arms and legs are both getting significantly stronger as he is now able to use the standing equipment for over 20 minutes. This is a huge accomplishment!! If you see Cameron on campus, make sure to say ‘hi’…



The Piorek’s would like to
thank Oggi’s in Mission Viejo

and Mange BeneRistorante

 in Laguna Niguel for hosting

their fundraisers recently.

Everyone had a good time and

raved about their meals as




If you are able to provide dinner just one night to the Piorek’s it would be greatly appreciated!! With Cameron’s rigorous schedule during the week, it is very difficult for Kelly to shop and cook. Dinner is the one time where the Piorek’s can all be together as a family. Providing the Piorek’s with stress-free dinner worries is just one small thing that we can do to help make things a little easier for them. If you would like to help, please contact Pyper Johnson at 949/307-7744



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