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MCLA (Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association) and MCLA The Lax Mag, Seek to Increase Awareness of MCLA

The MCLA (Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association) and MCLA The Lax Mag, LLC.,  announced the beginning of Project Fief, a two part, joint effort to increase awareness and branding of the MCLA.

Phase 1 of Project Fief reinforces the existing MCLA brand by delivering a copy of MCLA The Lax Mag to every active player and coach in the MCLA.  Previously available via annual subscription or at special events, the magazine built a large subscription base that will now reach further into the MCLA community.  Project Fief allows all 203 teams to share in MCLA news, opinion, highlights, as well as monthly reoccurring articles: The State of the MCLA, Coach’s Corner, Mailbag, Stick Tech, Player Profiles, Team Spotlights and more.

“The magazine is a monthly celebration of each season, displaying the accomplishments and achievement of the players, coaches, teams and conferences.   To have a copy in every player’s hand creates a productive dynamic that has many benefits, increased exposure, sponsor revenue, and recruitment opportunities,”  said Tony Scazzero, Vice President of the MCLA.

Karl F. Lynch, MCLA The Lax Mag’s King of Content openly admits, “It is very important to us that the players are reading our magazine.  They are the ones that are playing the games and creating our stories, without the players we have no stories.”

Existing subscribers of MCLA The Lax Mag will continue to receive uninterrupted delivery.  Magazine representatives will coordinate with each team this fall to finalize logistics, and the January 2009 Issue (Volume 2, Issue 1) will be the first delivered under Project Fief.

John Paul, President of the MCLA points out, “Having players and coaches understand what is going on in the league is critical to the success of our organization.  Project Fief allows us to address alumni, players, coaches, and fans in a unified voice.  This is a positive step forward for the MCLA.”

Active MCLA players DO NOT need to subscribe or renew their current subscription unless they wish to receive a personalized magazine at their home address.

Additional details regarding Phase 2 will be announced in the coming weeks.

About the MCLA
The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) is a national organization of non-varsity, college lacrosse programs.  The MCLA currently operates with 200+ teams in two divisions, across ten conferences. http://mcla.us

About MCLA The Lax Mag, LLC
MCLA The Lax Mag, LLC is an independent company publishing MCLA The Lax Mag seven times a year.  The magazine exclusively covers the schools, players and coaches of the MCLA and is available for purchase online at http://mclamag.com and at select lacrosse retailers.

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