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Lacrosse Recruiting: Prospects Must Develop A Peronal Profile


tom_kovicThe Personal Profile: An Evaluation Tool

There are several ways to develop effective exposure for prospects. Face to face contacts, campus visits, phone and electronic communication are a just few examples of getting the coaches attention, but focusing on the development of an effective personal profile that will help coaches make their initial evaluation of the prospect should be the first step.
As one can imagine, college coaches receive hundreds of personal profiles annually from prospects. It is important to streamline your profile into a comprehensive and efficient format that stands above the rest. College coaches will begin to prioritize their recruiting file based on the initial cover letter and resume, and these documents will usually be placed in one of three files of importance.
“A” file: Blue chip, top-tier recruits
“B” file: Second-tier recruits; still have excellent opportunity
“C” file: Little chance of athletic impact; Admissions risks
I suggest building your profile using the most important and relevant information you can fit on a single page. It should take approximately 90 seconds for coaches to pick out the information they need to determine whether you will be filtered into the active or inactive recruiting file and I suggest making the job an easy one!.

 The personal profile should act as the initial evaluation tool for the prospective student-athlete and your gateway to getting on the radar screen of the college coaches. The aim of the profile should be to provide as much vital information you can by using as little space as possible. Remember, you want to convince the coach to move your profile into the active recruiting file, and simplifying the job for the coach by making this an “easy read” will make the difference 

January 1, 2009 will be the official launch date of Collegerecruiting.tv. This online content website will provide families, athletes and coaches with articles, videos and resources to build your personal information center on college recruiting.

More to come! 


Best wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving and never stop “Reaching for Excellence”
Tom Kovic
President Victory Collegiate Consulting




Lacrosse Movie “Warrior” To Star 90210 Actor Kellan Lutz

90210lacrosse “It’s a sports movie about a lacrosse player whose dad dies in the military.”


“I’m gonna be doing [a movie] in Connecticut in December, it’s called ‘Warrior,’” he revealed to us. “It’s a sports movie about a lacrosse player whose dad dies in the military.”

Although little is currently known about the flick or his co-stars, Lutz said that the role will offer him the chance to stretch some dramatic muscles, while simultaneously dealing with a timely subject. “[My character] has to cope with [the death], and not having a father,” explained the star, who also depicts a lacrosse player in his current recurring “90210” role. “[So he] just goes on a rebellious stage.”

Eventually, however, the young rebel learns to get his life back on track. “He goes away to this camp and really matures, and becomes a man,” Lutz said of the script. “Then he comes back and he finishes up and ties up all his loose ends.”

“It’s a really good story,” he explained of his reason for signing on to the film. “It’s really well-written.”

A few months back, MTV broke the story on “Strife,” a small character drama that will reunite Lutz with his “Twilight” co-star Ashley Greene. In addition to that movie and “Warrior,” the actor said that he’s eager to balance his high-profile success with strong indie scripts, even though the road can sometimes be difficult.

“I’m working on a couple of independents,” explained the 23-year-old star. “A lot of it is kinda tough right now with funding and the recession.”