Southwestern Lacrosse Conference (SLC): San Diego State Men’s Lacrosse Coach Matt Holman Is Coach Of The Year; Chapman’s James O’Connor Martin Is Offensive Player Of The Year; San Diego State’s Billy Double Is Defensive Player Of The Year


Division I SLC All-Stars
Div. I – SLC Coach Of the Year:
Matt Holman, SDSU

Div. I – SLC Offensive Player of the Year:
James O’Connor Martin, Chapman

Div. I – SLC Defensive Player of the Year:
Billy Double, SDSU

Div. I – 1st Team SLC All-Conference:
James O’Connor Martin, Chapman, Attack
Brendan Sindell, UCSB, Attack
Marcus Wooden, Chapman, Attack
Mike Clayton, Chapman, Midfield
Derek Mills, Chapman, Midfield
Alex Paul, LMU, Midfield
Max Sanford, Claremont, Long-Stick Midfield
Eric Chang, Claremont, Face-Off Specialist
Chris Small, Chapman, Face-Off Specialist
James Guzik, UCSB, Defense
Andrew Salcido, Chapman, Defense
Chris Schaible, UCSB, Defense
Billy Double, SDSU, Goalie

Div. I – 2nd Team SLC All-Conference:
Alex Bates, SDSU, Attack
Magnus Karlson, LMU, Attack
Philip Trapp, Claremont, Attack
Ryan Sanders, UCSB, Midfield
Ben Tilton, USD, Midfield
Blake Whitcomb, Chapman, Midfield
Ian Maunsell, SDSU, Long-Stick Midfield
Sebastian Croft, UCLA, Face-Off Specialist
Spencer Halvorsen, Chapman, Defense
Tim Murray, SDSU, Defense
Marc Napp, LMU, Defense
Alex Price, Claremont, Goalie

Div. I – Honorable Mention SLC All-Conference:
Bobby Enquist, USD, Attack
Kyle Morse, UNLV, Attack
Tim Roe, USD, Attack
Scott Trimble, Claremont, Attack
Logan Brown, Claremont, Midfield
Curtis Fillmore, Arizona, Midfield
Corey Janoff, USC, Midfield
Jack Miller, UCSB, Midfield
Spencer Rowe, Chapman, Long-Stick Midfield
Aaron Caton, Arizona, Defensive Midfield
Evan Youngstrom, SDSU, Face-Off Specialist
Ashton Clarke, Claremont, Defense
David Krumwiede, USC, Defense
Chris Plummer, Arizona, Defense
Shane Robinson, UCLA, Defense
Doug Rouche, UCLA, Defense
Mike Rosenberger, USD, Defense
Nick Rossler, LMU, Defense
Zack Carson, UCSB, Goalie
Thomas Holman, LMU, Goalie
Jason Kho, Chapman, Goalie
Dan Kirkpatrick, Chapman, Goalie

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