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Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse Team Visits White House To Honor 2009 NCAA Lacrosse Championship

The mens lacrosse team traveled to Washington, DC on June 24, at the invitation of Vice President Joe Biden. Biden, a graduated of the Syracuse University Law School met the team at his ceremonial office in the Executive Office Building before walking them to the West Wing of the White House. There, President Barrack Obama emerged from the Oval Office to congratulate and shake hands with the players and coaches. After meeting with the President, the group traveled to the Vice Presidents private residence for a cook out and pool party. The Orange won its second straight national championship on Memorial Day, rallying from a three goal deficit to beat Cornell 10 to 9 in overtime.

Orange County High School Girls Lacrosse: 2009 US Lacrosse High School Girls Lacrosse All-Americans Announced

US Lacrosse Orange County







Orange County High School Girls Lacrosse: 2009 US Lacrosse Girls Academic All-Americans Announced

US Lacrosse Orange County 

Guarriello, Reagan — (Foothill, CA) — (senior)
   Langius, Allison — (Foothill, CA) — (junior)
   Nagy, Brittani — (Trabuco Hills, CA) — (junior)
   Navarrete, Kaylee — (Foothill, CA) — (junior)
   Redwine, Helen Veigh — (Trabuco Hills, CA) — (junior)
   Seeds, Alicia — (Foothill, CA) — (senior)
   Siino, Wendy — (Foothill, CA) — (junior)

2009 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Completes Day Three Of Competition

vail lacrosse shootout 2009(From Monday was one of the busiest days of the tournament. The Grandmasters and Masters divisions crowned champions Monday afternoon, with the Polar Statesmen and Jagermeister taking home titles fairly comfortably. The Polar Statesmen were dominant all week long, piling up an impressive 47 goals and allowing only 12 over three games. Jagermiester was similarly strong, winning their three games by a combined score of 37-15.

The Boys’ U-19 division completed quarterfinal play, while the Girls’ U-19 finished up pool play and sorted into three divisions. In the Supermasters division, Millennium/Team Rock-it Pocket will join the Elder Statesmen in the championship game tomorrow at 1:00 on Ford Field.

* * * *

Masters Division

Jagermeister defeated Middlebury for the second consecutive year in the Masters championship this afternoonLaxPower, running away in the second half for an 11-7 victory. It was very similar to last year’s 10-6 win for the boys in orange, as they completed an unbeaten tournament again. Jager got superior goaltending all week from Sean O’Rourke and three goals and one assist from tournament MVP Mark DiGiovanni.

After a close first half that saw Jager ahead 4-3, their good defense and transition game led to three quick goals that opened the game up to 7-3 midway through the third quarater. Three different players scored in the run for Jager, and they never looked back. Middlebury had a little bit of difficulty getting good possessions against the rangy and aggressive defenders of Jagermeister. Face-offs were key in the game as well, with Jagermeister winning 15 of 27 draws.

Monday Results
Championship: Jagermeister 11, Middlebury 7
3rd Place: Lax Gear over Olympic Club (forfeit)
5th Place: Team MAC/Vipers 8, Lacrossewear 6
7th Place: Breakaway 17, Rhinos 8

Final Rankings
1. Jagermeister
2. Middlebury
3. Lax Gear
4. The Olympic Club
5. Team MAC/Vipers
6. Lacrossewear
7. Breakaway
8. Rhinos

Masters Division All-Tournament Team

#9 Mark DiGiovanni – Jagermeister
#10 Seth Low – Middlebury
#4 Peter Milliman – Lax Gear

#20 John Atherton – Middlebury
#20 Jim Koppler – Jagermeister
#5 Jeremy Guski – Jagermiester

#34 Jed Raymond – Middlebury
#33 Sean Monahan – Jagermeiser
#34 Troy Ergenbright – Lax Gear

Long Stick Midfield:
#12 Ben Foucht – Team MAC/Vipers

#1 Garth Heth – Lax Gear
#32 Kevin Owens – Jagermeister

#10 Sean O’Rourke – Jagermeister

* * * *

Supermasters Division

Semifinal #1: Millennium/Rock-it Pocket 7, Adidas Magic Wands 6

In the best game of the day anywhere in the Valley, Millennium/Rock-it Pocket put one home at 0:25 to move on the Super Masters Championship over the Adidas Magic Wands. In a back and forth game where neither team led by more than two goals, last year’s champions, the Adidas Magic Wands, were heartbroken, as they let a 4th quarter lead slip away.

Millennium/Rock-it Pocket has a very balanced and effective offense, demonstrated by their six different goal scorers and six assisted goals. They balanced offense is matched by a staunch defense that didn’t let the Wands score more than two goals in a single quarter. It will be interesting to see if they can handle the tremendous individual talent that the Elder Statesmen have in tomorrow’s championship.

Semifinal #2: Elder Statesmen 12, FROGs 7

The Elder Statesmen have championship dreams that sure look like they could come true after today’s semifinal game. The score of this game doesn’t represent the flow, as it was 4-1 at the end of the first quarter and 7-3 at halftime. The FROGs had no answer for Bill Edell, as he notched six goals on the day and basically scored at will. In the 4th, the FROGs made a small splash to bring the score to 10-7, but it was too little too late.

The Elder Statesmen go into tomorrow’s championship game as the slight favorites. The offensive talent of Edell and Canadian Steve Govett should give the Statesmen a nice lead, and goalie Dan Schaffer’s seller play give the Statesmen the slight edge.

In other action, Navy and Middlebury won their consolation bracket games and will meet tomorrow for 5th place on Ford West. dePHIant defeated Princeton, and the Colorado Lacrosse Club took down the Princeton Obsoletes.

Monday Results

Division I:
Semifinal #1: Millennium/Team Rock-it Pocket 7, Adidas Magic Wands 6
Semifinal #2: Elder Statesmen 12, FROGs 7
Consolation: Navy Old Goats 7, NYAC Founding Fathers 6
Consolation: Middlebury 6, Lacrossewear 3

Division II:
dePHIant 8, Princeton Obsoletes 5
Colorado Lacrosse Club 11, Air Force Graybirds 6

Tuesday Games

Division I:
Championship – Millennium/Team Rock-it Pocket vs. Elder Statesmen – 1:00 pm – Ford West
3rd Place – Adidas Magic Wands vs. FROGs – 9:00 am – Ford West
5th Place – Navy Old Goats vs. Middlebury – 11:00 am – Ford West
7th Place – NYAC Founding Fathers vs. Lacrossewear – 9:00 am – Ford East

Division II:
Princeton Obsoletes vs. Colorado Lacrosse Club – 9:00 am – Donovan Park
Arizona Graybirds vs. dePHIant – 11:00 am – Donovan Park

* * * *

Grandmasters Division

The championship game started well for the USA Stars, who were tied with the Polar Statesmen for a portion of the first quarter at 1-1. Unfortunately, the Statesmen scored 10 goals in a row to make it 11-2 after the first half. The second half wasn’t much prettier, and the Statesmen continued to pour it on to the finish, eventually winning 18-4.

One thing is for sure: out of every age group in Vail, the Grandmasters Division is the most improved year after year. The Polar Statesmen would have been a good Masters team, let alone Supermasters. Scott Petosa pumped in five goals and two assists, and the Statesmen used accurate shooting and good riding to get the victory. Tom Chancellor, a 15-year Vail veteran patrolled the middle of the field with a long stick for the Statesmen, playing a large amount of offense on the day as well. Jim Hayes pitched in with four goals.

While the Stars were formed back at the 2002 World Games and have been playing together ever since, the Polar Statesmen feature several players who won a national championship with Hobart back in the mid 1970s. They weren’t part of the dynastic 13-year run by Hobart, but they sparked the run in approximately 1975.

Monday Results

Championship: Polar Statesmen 18, USA Stars 4
3rd Place: Nacho Mamas 13, Gravediggers 8
5th Place: Middlebury 10, Colorado Lacrosse Club 4
7th Place: Los Viejos de Adidas 12, Navy Grandgoats 2

Final Rankings:
1. Polar Statesmen
2. USA Stars
3. Nacho Mamas
4. Gravediggers
5. Middlebury
6. Colorado Lacrosse Club
7. Los Viejos de Adidas
8. Navy Grandgoats

* * * *

Dr. Tom Watts Memorial Boys’ U-19

Quarterfinal day for the U-19 boys was a big one, as the East Coast Kings, Team Colorado, Baltimore Crabs, and Players Lacrosse Club all advanced to the semifinals in Division I. Players Lacrosse was the only #2 seed to win, taking down Maverik Dallas 11-8 in a nice comeback. Team Colorado looked extremely impressive in their win over Team Ohio, winning 18-9. Colorado’s attack was terrific, and a tricky ride made things difficult for Ohio early. Whenever Ohio got a goal, Colorado stuffed it right back down their throats and got one or two of their own. Players Lacrosse represents the best a Chicago-based team has ever performed in Vail, and they will have their work cut out for them tomorrow.

There were no surprises in the other two games. An extremely talented Baltimore team took down Blue Lion Elite with ease, and the East Coast Kings hammered War Cry Lacrosse. In Division II, the story of the day was Team Nebraska, which won their first ever game in Vail, a 12-11 overtime thriller over last year’s Division II champion Winnipeg Wolverines. Nebraska will have a tough match-up tomorrow against a very skilled Toronto squad, which had no trouble dispatching the Sacramento Heat by a score of 13-6.

Monday Results

Division I:
Quarterfinal #1: East Coast Kings 13, War Cry Lacrosse 4
Quarterfinal #2: Team Colorado 18, Team Ohio 9
Quarterfinal #3: Players Lacrosse Club 11, Maverik Dallas 8
Quarterfinal #4: Baltimore Crabs 23, Blue Lion Elite 3

Division II:
Sacramento Heat 12, Salpointe Lancers 5
Team Nebraska 12, Winnipeg Wolverines 11 (ot)
Toronto 13, Sacramento Heat 6

Tuesday Games

Division I:
Semifinal #1: Players Lacrosse Club vs. Team Colorado – 11:00 am – Avon 1
Semifinal #2: East Coast Kings vs. Baltimore Crabs – 1:00 pm – Avon 1
Consolation: Maverik Dallas vs. Team Ohio – 9:00 am – Avon 1
Consolation: Blue Lion Elite vs. War Cry Lacrosse – 3:00 pm – Avon 1

Division II:
Semifinal #1: Toronto vs. Team Nebraska – 11:30 am – Avon 2
Play-in Game: Salpointe Lancers vs. Winnipeg Wolverines – 10:00 am – Avon 2
Semifinal #2: Sacramento Heat vs. Winner Winnipeg/Salpointe – 1:30 pm – Avon 2

* * * *

Girls’ High School

Days 1 and 2

Pool A:
Heros 2010 19, Team Utah 1
PA Express 18, Team Utah 2
Heros 2010 17, Lakeshore Lacrosse 2
PA Express 16, Lakeshore Lacrosse 4

Pool B:
M & D Lax 20, Bay Area Wave Blue 1
Houston Heat 6, Bay Area Wave Blue 5
M & D Lax 21, Team Vegas 0
Houston Heat 17, Team Vegas 4

Pool C:
Team Colorado Red 20, Bay Area Wave White 3
Minnesota Lakers 17, Mountain Mania 2

Pool D:
Stars Silver 18, Idaho Hawks 2
CTLF 16, Players Club 5

Pool E:
MFL 11, Team Colorado Blue 5
Puget Sound Select 10, Team Colorado Blue 9
Puget Sound Select 22, Blue Lion Pride 0
MFL 21, Blue Lion Pride 1

Monday Results

Day 2 of the high school girls’ Vail Shootout has concluded. There were some close games, as the pool play completed and teams were vying for the rights to play in the Gold and Silver Brackets. The top seeds made their way to the Gold Division Bracket, with MFL and PA Express moving up the charts. PA Express and Heros 2010 had an exciting game with PA Express on top in a 12–10 game. This could be the preview of the championship. However, MFL, M&D Lax, and CTLF also ready to step into the championship and take the trophy. Team Colorado Red is revving up their game for a run at the title. They must first get by last year’s champion, Heros.

In the Silver Division it is anybody’s game. These teams are all very competitive and it makes for an exciting Silver Division. The Bronze Division sports new teams and veterans from developing areas. The Vail Valley local team, Mountain Mania, looks to continue the lacrosse growth in the Colorado Mountains.

Pool A:
Heros 2010 10, PA Express 12
Team Utah 18, Lakeshore Lacrosse 5

Pool B:
M & D Lax 19, Houston Heat 2
Bay Area Wave Blue 13, Team Vegas 5

Pool C:
Team Colorado Red 13, Minnesota Lakers 8
Team Colorado Red 20, Mountain Mania 0
Bay Area Wave White 15, Mountain Mania 2
Minnesota Lakers 7, Bay Area Wave White 6

Pool D:
CTLF 10, Stars Silver 8
Idaho Hawks 11, Players Club 3
Stars Silver 16, Players Club 6
CTLF 12, Idaho Hawks 6

Pool E:
MFL 10, Puget Sound Select 7
Team Colorado Blue 20, Blue Lion Pride 4

Tuesday Games

Gold 1 – Houston Heat vs. PA Express
Gold 2 – MFL – vs. CTLF
Gold 3 – Heros 2010 vs. Team Colorado Red
Gold 4 – Minnesota Lakers vs. M & D Lax
Gold 5 – Loser G2 vs. Loser G1
Gold 6 – Loser G4 vs. Loser G3
Gold 7 – Winner G1 vs. Winner G2
Gold 8 – Winner G3 vs. Winner G4

Silver 1 – Lakeshore Lacrosse vs. Stars Silver
Silver 2 – Bay Area Wave White vs. Team Colorado Blue
Silver 3 – Idaho Hawks vs. Bay Area Wave Blue
Silver 4 – Team Utah vs. Puget Sound Select
Silver 5 – Loser S2 vs. Loser S1
Silver 6 – Loser S4 vs. Loser S3
Silver 7 – Winner S1 vs. Winner S2
Silver 8 – Winner S3 vs. Winner S4

Bronze 1 – Mountain Mania vs. Blue Lion Pride
Bronze 2 – Team Vegas vs. Players Club
Bronze 3 – Blue Lion Pride vs. Team Vegas
Bronze 4 – Mountain Mania vs. Players Club

San Diego High School Girls Lacrosse: 2009 US Lacrosse High School Girls All-Americans Announced

us lacrosse san diego





San Diego High School Girls Lacrosse: US Lacrosse 2009 Girls’ Academic All-Americans Announced


us lacrosse san diego

Alei, Roxy — (La Costa Canyon) — (junior)
   Alvarez, Natalie — (Bishop’s School) — (junior)
   Candelaria, Jackie — Midfield (La Costa Canyon) — Stanford
   Davis, Autumn — (Patrick Henry) — (senior)
   Diehl, Nicole — (Scripps Ranch) — (junior)
   Feinauer, Catie — (Carlsbad) — (senior)
   Felt, Cameron — (La Jolla) — (junior)
   Fleury, Nicole — (Patrick Henry) — (senior)
   Gloven, Mackenzie — Midfield/Attack (La Jolla, CA/La Jolla, CA) — Columbia
   Golden, Alexa — (Torrey Pines) — (senior)
   Grosse, Megan — (Santa Fe Christian) — (junior)
   Halter, Hillary — (Bishop’s School) — (junior)
   Holslag, Gina — Attack/Midfield (San Diego, CA/Scripps Ranch, Ca) — California
   Humphrey, Melissa — Midfield (Coronado, CA/Coronado, CA) — California
   Jensen, Chelsea — (Francis Parker) — (junior)
   Nelson, Christa — (Santa Fe Christian) — (junior)
   O’Brien, Colette — (Coronado) — (junior)
   Parker, Alanna — (Monte Vista) — (senior)
   Poincenot, Julie — (San Dieguito Academy) — (junior)
   Ponting, Anna — (Patrick Henry) — (senior)
   Ponting, Carolyn — (Patrick Henry) — (senior)
   Pulliam, Annette — (La Jolla) — (senior)
   Raimondi, Rachel — (Scripps Ranch) — (senior)
   Reidy, Jillian — (Coronado) — (senior)
   Reit, Emily — (Bishop’s School) — (senior)
   Sagerman, Lia — (Bishop’s School) — (senior)
   Scarborough, Shelly — (Patrick Henry) — (junior)
   Shepherd, Sandy — (Coronado) — (senior)
   Slattery, Samantha — (Carlsbad) — (senior)
   Smith, Brooke — (Carlsbad) — (senior)
   Soenksen, Amy — Defense (CA/La Costa Canyon, CA) — Hamilton
   Steckler, Tracie — (Scripps Ranch) — (junior)
   Su, Tiffany — Midfield (CA/Canyon Crest Academy, CA) — Lewis & Clark
   Trees, Rebecca — Midfield (San Diego, CA/Torrey Pines, CA) — UCLA
   Ullrich, Heather — (La Costa Canyon) — (junior)
   Weisenberger, Katie — (Santa Fe Christian) — (junior)
   Wimsatt, Nicole — (Santa Fe Christian) — (junior)
   Yogerst, Chelsea — (Torrey Pines) — (junior)
   Znachko, Sean — (San Dieguito Academy) — (senior)

Team USA Women’s Lacrosse Defeats Australia 8-7 To Win 2009 FIL Women’s World Cup Lacrosse Championship

teamusasarahbullardwordcup09bannerThe U.S. defeated Australia, 8-7, in the final game of the 2009 Federation of International Lacrosse World Cup. Team USA goalie Devon Wills (Denver, Colo./Dartmouth ’06) made seven saves and had three ground balls to earn Player of the Match honors. Caroline Cryer (Centennial, Colo./Duke ’09) led the U.S. in scoring with three goals. This is the sixth time that the U.S. has won the World Cup, and the fourth time they have defeated the Australians in the final.

Australia struck first when Melissa Williams (2g) caught a feed from Jen Adams (1g, 2a) at 25:49. The first half went back and forth between the two teams, with three ties and two lead changes, ending with a 3-3 tie at the break.

Team USA came out swinging in the second half with 5 unanswered goals, creating the largest lead of the game. Then, Australia gained momentum at 4:53 when U.S. goalie Wills received a yellow card for a push on Australian attacker Marlee Paton (1g). Melissa Williams scored on an open net on a free position to narrow the gap to 8-5. U.S. backup goalie Meghan Huether (Lutherville, Md./Duke ’06) entered the game for Wills as she served her 3 minute penalty. Australia rallied back with another goal to make it 8-6. Then, with just under two-minutes in the game, Heather Williams scored her second to create a one-goal game. U.S maintained possession for the next minute, running the clock down to preserve the win.

After a grueling two weeks of World Cup play, U.S. won the gold, Australia the silver and Canada the bronze.

The FIL World Cup takes place every four years. In 2005, when the championships were held in Annapolis, Md., Australia took home the gold, leaving the U.S. with the silver. Team USA is now 6-time World Cup champions (1982, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2009). 

USA: Caroline Cryer (3g); Kristen Kjellman (1g, 1a); Sarah Albrecht (1g); Sarah Bullard (1g); Lindsey Munday (1g); Michele DeJuliis (1g); Caitlyn McFadden (2a); Katie Rowan (1a). Devon Wills (7 saves). Megan Huether (1 save).

AUSTRALIA: Jen Adams (1g, 2a); Melissa Williams (2g); Hannah Nielsen (1g, 1a); Stacey Morlang (1g); Courtney Inge (1g); Marlee Paton (1g). Sue McSolvin (8 saves).

1. USA   
2. Australia
3. Canada   
4. England
5. Ireland
6. Wales
7. Japan
8. Scotland
9. Czech Republic
10. Germany
11. Haudenosaunee
12. New Zealand
13. Netherlands
14. Austria
15. Denmark
16. South Korea

The U.S. women’s national teams program is administered by US Lacrosse, the national governing body of the sport. deBeer Lacrosse is the official exclusive equipment and apparel supplier to the U.S. women’s national teams program.

Colleen Sperry Aungst
Public Relations Manager, US Lacrosse
CELL: (315) 427-9265
113 W. University Pkwy.
Baltimore, MD 21210