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2009 Women’s Lacrosse World Cup: Pacific University (OR) Women’s Lacrosse Coach Wynne Lobel To Coach Denmark National Women’s Lacrosse Team

women's lacrosse world cupWynne Lobel, Pacific University head women’s lacrosse coach, has been named head coach of the Denmark National Team.

wynne lobel pacific university lacrosse

Wynne Lobel, Pacific University head women's lacrosse coach

Lobel has already left for Copenhagen, where she will conduct a week of training with the team before they leave Denmark on June 16 for Prague, Czech Republic, to compete at the 2009 Women’s Lacrosse World Cup.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for me,” Lobel said. “This will be super-cool, because I will get work with people who are not from the United States and experience their culture. I also get to continue to spread the game lacrosse, which is why I am here.”

This will be the second time that Lobel has had the opportunity to work with lacrosse players in international competition.

In 2004, she was an assistant coach for a select team of U.S. youth who played at the Prague Cup.

Both the Prague Cup and the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup will take place during the same time frame, which will make the Czech capitol the place to be for the sport.

“Lacrosse is not an Olympic sport, so people aspire to play at the Lacrosse World Cup,” Lobel said. “This is their top competition, and with both the Prague Cup and the World Cup going on, it will be a pretty big event for lacrosse.”

Lobel’s coaching opportunity came through a mutual connection at her last coaching stop.

Abby Burbank preceded Lobel as head coach at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and will assist Lobel with the Danish National Team. It was Burbank who recommended that Lobel be the head coach.

About half of the team, meanwhile, is comprised of college-aged athletes from around the Copenhagen area. The remainder of the roster is made up of ex-patriots from the United States and Canada.

A total of 16 countries will take part in the World Cup.

Denmark will compete in Pool C, which includes Austria, Haudensaunee, Ireland, South Korea and the Netherlands.

For more information on the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup, go to www.lacrosseworldcup2009.com.


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