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2009 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Completes First Two Days Of Competition

vail lacrosse shootout 2009The Masters and Grandmasters divisions are all set to crown champions on Monday as the first section of the tournament is already drawing to a close.  The Supermasters division completed quarterfinal play while the U-19 Boys and Girls tournaments kicked off their events with pool play.

Masters Division:
It will be a rematch of the 2008 Masters championship tomorrow at Athletic Field as both Team Jagermeister and Middlebury moved through their semifinal opponents.  Last year, Jager defeated Middlebury 8-6 in an exciting game and tomorrow’s match-up should be just as good.  In the premiere game of the day in any division, Middlebury survived a late game-tying goal by The Olympic Club and a 30 minute lightning delay before getting the winning tally from tournament vet John Watts in overtime.  After Peter Ericson scored a spectacular goal while falling down to take a 5-4 lead for Middlebury, O-Club got the dramatic equalizer with just :17 left in the fourth quarter to take the game to overtime.

Tournament officials delayed the start of the overtime period by about 30 minutes to wait for the fast-moving storm to move through the valley and Middlebury wasted little time in getting the winner from Watts on a low bouncer.  The rain made things a bit sloppy in the closing moments, but both teams played with the excitement and heart we have come to love in the Masters division over the years. 

In the earlier semifinal, Jagermeister jumped out to a 4-1 lead in the first quarter of their game against Lax Gear and coasted in for a 10-6 victory behind the strong goaltending of Sean O’Rourke.  It was Jager’s second straight semifinal win over Lax Gear and they will once again be the favorites in tomorrow’s finals, but the Middlebury boys should not be trifled with and the game should be a good one.

Semifinal #1 – Middlebury 6, Olympic Club 5 (ot)
Semifinal #2 – Jagermeister 10, Lax Gear 6
Consolation – Team Vipers/Mac 18, Rhinos 8
Consolation – Lacrossewear 15, Breakaway 9

Monday Games:
Masters Championship – Middlebury vs. Jagermeister – 12:30 pm – Athletic Field
3rd Place- Olympic Club vs. Lax Gear – 2:30 pm – Athletic Field
5th Place – Team Vipers/Mac vs. Lacrossewear – 10:30 am – Athletic Field
7th Place – Rhinos vs. Breakaway – 4:30 pm – Athletic Field

Supermasters Division:
The final four of this year’s Supermasters is full of all the usual suspects.  Last year’s champions, the Adidas Magic Wands, were on autopilot for the quarterfinals breezing to an 18-0 win over the NYAC Founding Fathers while the Frogs, 2008 runners-up, pulled out an 8-6 win over a scrappy Middlebury squad.  The Hobart alumni filled Elder Statesmen are looking to return to their 2006 championship form, and took a good step in that direction with a 14-2 shellacking of Lacrossewear. 

Team Millennium/Rock-it Pocket also cruised into the semis with 8-2 victory.  The Wands will face off against the Team Millennium/Rock-it Pocket in what should be a high scoring track meet.  The Frogs and Elder Statesmen matchup will be interesting as they have two very contrasting styles, but will lacrosse legend Bill Edell be able to bring the Elder Statesmen back to the top?

Sunday Results –
Division I:
Quarterfinal #1 – Adidas Magic Wands 18, NYAC/Tsunami 0
Quarterfinal #2 -Team Millennium/Rock-it Pocket 8, Navy Old Goats 2
Quarterfinal #3 -Elder Statesmen 14, Team Lacrossewear 2
Quarterfinal #4 – Frogs 8, Middlebury 6

Division II:
Princeton Obsoletes 8, Arizona Graybirds 6
dePHIant 10, Colorado Lacrosse Club 3

Monday’s Games –
Division I:
Semi-Final #1 – Adidas Magic Wands vs. Team Millennium – 12:30 pm – Ford West
Semi-Final #2 – Elder Statesmen vs. Frogs – 2:30pm – Ford West
Consolation #1 – Navy Old Goats vs. NYAC/Tsunami – 10:30am – Ford West
Consolation #2 – Lacrossewear vs Middlebury – 10:30am – Ford East

Division II:
Princeton Obsoletes vs dePHIant – 12:30pm – Donovan Park
Arizona Graybirds vs Colorado Lacrosse Club – 10:30am – Donovan Park

Grandmasters Division:
Mr. Boh/Nacho Mamas dynastic run of four wins in a row came to a decisive close on Day 2 of the Grandmasters division at the hands of the Polar Statesmen.  The former Hobart stars pounded Nacho Mamas by 10 goals to move on to the championship game tomorrow.  The USA Stars snuck past the Gravediggers by one in the other semifinal to set up a championship on Ford West tomorrow.  It also sets up the coolest name match-up in the 3rd place game as the ‘Diggers take on the Mamas. 

On the consolation side, the Colorado Lacrosse Club and Middlebury both comfortably won and will play for 5th place tomorrow.  The Navy Grandgoats and Los Viejos de Adidas will play for 7th.

Grandmasters Day 2
Semifinal #1 – Polar Statesmen 16, Nacho Mamas 6
Semifinal #2 – USA Stars 9, Gravediggers 8

Consolation #1 – Colorado Lacrosse Club 10, Middlebury 1
Consolation #2 – Middlebury 11, Los Viejos de Adidas 2

Monday Games:
Grandmasters Championship – Polar Statesmen vs. USA Stars – 8:30 am – Ford West
3rd Place – Nacho Mamas vs. Gravediggers – 8:30 am – Athletic Field
5th Place – Colorado Lacrosse Club vs. Middlebury – 8:30 am – Ford East
7th Place – Navy Grandgoats vs. Los Viejos de Adidas – 8:30 am – Donovan Park

Dr. Tom Watts Memorial Boys U19:
Pool Play in the U19 boys division kicked off and not without a few surprises on Day 1.  Most notably, tournament stalwart Team Ohio was knocked off by the East Coast Kings, a team out of New Jersey primarily, in Pool C.  This sets up one of the biggest U19 rivalries for a first-round showdown when Team Ohio takes on Team Colorado in tomorrow’s quarterfinals.  Colorado and the Baltimore Crabs both rolled through their pools relatively easily while Maverik Dallas won Pool D. 

Two Chicago-based teams will make appearances in the Division I quarterfinals on Monday morning with War Cry Lacrosse and Players Club Lacrosse both finishing in second place in their respective divisions.  The other second place finisher was Blue Lion Elite, a Kansas City-based squad, who will take on the Crabs tomorrow at 3:00 pm.

Pool A
Baltimore Crabs 14, Toronto 3
Players Lax Club 16, Team Nebraska 0

Baltimore Crabs 12, Players Lacrosse Club 5
Toronto 11, Team Nebraska 8
Players Lacrosse Club 8, Toronto 2
Baltimore Crabs 17, Team Nebraska 1

Pool B
Team Colorado 15, War Cry Lacrosse 0
War Cry Lacrosse 13, Sacramento Elite 8
Team Colorado 14, Sacramento Elite 1

Pool C
Team Ohio 15, Salpointe Lancers 3
East Coast Kings 14, Salpointe Lancers 1
East Coast Kings 12, Team Ohio 6

Pool D
Maverik Dallas defeats Winnipeg
Maverik Dallas 8, Blue Lion Elite 2
Blue Lion Elite 14, Winnipeg 9

Monday Games:
Division I Quarterfinals
East Coast Kings vs. War Cry Lacrosse – 9:00 am – Avon 1
Team Colorado vs. Team Ohio – 11:00 am – Avon 1
Maverik Dallas vs. Players Lacrosse Club – 1:00 pm – Avon 1
Baltimore Crabs vs. Blue Lion Elite – 3:00 pm – Avon 1

Division II
Sacramento Elite vs. Salpointe Lancers – 10:00 am – Avon 2
Winnipeg vs. Team Nebraska – 11:30 am – Avon 2
Winner Sac/Salpointe vs. Toronto – 1:30 pm – Avon 2

Western US High School Girls Lacrosse: Air Academy Girls Lacrosse (CO) Ends 2009 Season As #1, #5 La Costa Canyon Is Top California Girls Team

       LaxPower Rnk  Team                                 PR    SOS   W  L  T  ST

   1   Air Academy                      86.90   41  19- 0- 0  CO
   2   Cherry Creek                      86.25    3     16- 3- 0  CO
   3   Bainbridge Island             86.20   99  18- 1- 0  WA
   4   Pinnacle                                83.40   21  16- 3- 0  AZ
   5   La Costa Canyon                83.30    1  18- 4- 0  CA
   6   Lakeside School                 82.95   86  16- 1- 0  WA
   7   Kent Denver                        82.77   29  14- 3- 0  CO
   8   Alta                                         82.60   67  16- 1- 0  UT
   9   Monte Vista, Danville     82.40    4  19- 4- 0  CA
   10  Denver East                       82.08   44  12- 3- 0  CO
   11  Columbine                          81.56  117  16- 1- 0  CO
   12  San Jose Force Club       81.50   31  18- 1- 0  CA
   13  Chaparral, AZ                   81.40   23  13- 2- 0  AZ
   14  Los Alamitos                     81.30   93  19- 0- 0  CA
   15  Coronado                            81.06    9  22- 4- 0  CA
   16  Heritage-Littleton           81.05   25  11- 3- 2  CO
   17  Torrey Pines                      80.67    2  17- 7- 0  CA
   18  St. Ignatius Prep, CA      80.62   12  15- 2- 0  CA
   19  Chaparral, CO                    80.23   27   9- 7- 0  CO
   20  ThunderRidge                  79.71  163  14- 2- 0  CO
   21  Arapahoe                            79.52   56  10- 5- 2  CO
   22  Regis Jesuit                       79.22   18   8- 9- 0  CO
   23  Bishop Kelly, ID               79.00  141  17- 0- 0  ID
   24  Boulder-Centaurus         78.81   66  10- 6- 0  CO
   25  Mullen                                 78.69   40   8- 8- 0  CO
   26  Murray                                78.64   45  12- 3- 0  UT
   27  Rancho Bernardo           78.52   15  16- 6- 0  CA
   28  California HS                     78.28    8  16- 7- 0  CA
   29  Smoky Hill                         78.08   43   8- 8- 1  CO
   30  Cheyenne Mountain      78.07  115  11- 5- 0  CO
   31  Colorado Academy          77.99   47   7- 8- 1  CO
   32  St. Mary’s Acad, CO        77.90  105  10- 7- 0  CO
   33  Golden                                 77.73  152  10- 5- 0  CO
   34  Beckman                             77.72  122  17- 3- 0  CA
   35  Pine Creek                          77.57  136  10- 5- 0  CO
   36  Acalanes                             77.52   84  17- 4- 0  CA
   37  Amador Valley                77.45   10  14- 9- 0  CA
   38  Carondelet                         76.92   13  13- 8- 0  CA
   39  Cherry Creek Club          76.78  138   8- 4- 0  CO
   40  Horizon                               76.58   19   8- 5- 0  AZ
   41  Menlo School                    76.36   50  17- 5- 0  CA
   42  Scripps Ranch                  76.29   28  15- 7- 1  CA
   43  Foothill, Pleasanton      76.21   26  13- 9- 0  CA
   44  Coyote Club                      75.94   58  10- 3- 0  CA
   45  Napa Club                          75.81   77   9- 1- 0  CA
   46  Cathedral Catholic        75.79   42  15- 7- 0  CA
   47  Riverton                           75.77   63  12- 5- 0  UT
   48  Poway                                75.74    5  12-12- 1  CA
   49  Roosevelt, WA               75.68   88  11- 3- 2  WA
   50  Gold Country Club        75.53   78  11- 2- 0  CA
   51  San Ramon Valley          75.33   22  11- 9- 0  CA
   52  Foothill, Santa Ana        75.08   38  15- 7- 1  CA
   53  Bishop’s School                75.05   69  16- 6- 0  CA
   54  Redwood                            74.82  126  12- 6- 0  CA
   55  Cate School                       74.81  110  15- 4- 1  CA

Mexico Youth Lacrosse: Watsonville High School Boys Lacrosse Players To Represent Mexico Youth National Team At Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament On July 18-19

mexico lacrosseWatsonville High lacrosse players will represent Mexico in a tournament July 18-19 in Incline Village, Nev., and are raising funds to pay for costs related to the event.

They will be a part of the under-19 team, which is Mexico’s first youth national team. Mexico started an adult national team two years ago. The teams are currently based in San Jose, with plans to eventually have them based in Mexico City.

Since Watsonville is one of the few programs with a dominant Latino presence and has a strong team, many of its players have been recruited to play for Team Mexico. The players include Diego Rosillo, Dominic Acosta, David Torres, Daniel Torres, Blake Gradilla, Matt Juarez, Michael Juarez, Jacob Schekman, Oscar Hernandez, Nick Rangel and Felix Budiao.

Additionally, Watsonville coaches Mike Blum and Nikki Lewen and Aptos High coach Paul Murtha are joining the effort, assisting Iliad Rodriguez and a representative from Mexico City.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our local youth to represent their communities, their families’ heritage and to gain a valuable experience,” Blum and Lewen stated in a press release.

The players are participating in several fundraisers to pay for the cost of traveling, rooms, uniforms and entry fees. A carwash will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Oil Can Henry’s, near Target in the Overlook Shopping Center on Main Street. They will also be selling T-shirts and accepting donations.

Anyone interested in making a donation or sponsoring an athlete can contact Blum or Lewen at 728-6390, ext. 710, or write a check to “Lacrosse” and mail it to Coach Blum/Lewen, Watsonville High School, 250 E. Beach St., Watsonville, CA 95076.

College Men’s Lacrosse: BYU Men’s Lacrosse Names Matt Schneck As New Head Coach

Matt Schneck, BYU Men's Lacrosse Coach

Matt Schneck, BYU Men's Lacrosse Coach



Matt Schneck has been named as BYU’s new lacrosse head coach, as announced on Thursday by Lee Gibbons, director of Extramural Sports.

Schneck will replace 14-year coach Jason Lamb, who had carried various BYU lacrosse teams to three National Championships. Lamb’s coaching record to date is 195-65. Schneck spent eight years as an assistant coach under Lamb.

No reasons were given in the news release for the change in staffing for BYU lacrosse and both Scheck and Lamb were unavailable for comment on Thursday.

Players reacted well to the news and are optimistic for their future with Schneck as head coach.

“Obviously we are going to miss coach Lamb,” said senior captain Elliot Grow, a two-time All-American middie, in a prior news release. “But going forward, the choice was clear very early that coach Schneck was the right person to not only maintain the proud tradition of BYU lacrosse, but to help us advance the program.”

Britt Cone, senior captain and two-time All-American, is saddened to see Lamb leave but is “excited to see what adjustments he (Schneck) can make with the program to bring some positive change to the program.”

Grow and Cone both said the team’s focus is on winning another National Championship this upcoming season, with Schneck as the key to doing so.            

In a news release, it was said that the Cougars are returning five starting defensemen, a starting goalie, and three starting defensive midfielders from last year’s team, which should help them in their quest for that National Championship.

Schneck’s coaching staff will consist of Jordan Harris (defense), Josh Austin (offense) and Justin McClure (strength and conditioning).  Harris, Austin and McClure are all well versed with BYU lacrosse and the programs that have created winning teams in the past.

“Much of the success that I have experienced in my life has come from identifying and building successful teams and that is what we have done with this coaching staff,” Schneck said in a news release.

College Men’s Lacrosse: North Carolina Men’s Lacrosse To Face Brown In San Francisco Fall Lacrosse Classic On October 10, 2009

San Francisco Fall Lacrosse ClassicSan Francisco Fall Lacrosse Classic LogoTwo of the nation’s top NCAA lacrosse programs – the University of North Carolina Tar Heels and the Brown University Bears – will face off in the inaugural San Francisco Fall Lacrosse Classic, scheduled for Kezar Stadium at 3 pm on October 10, 2009.
Ranked 6th and 11th nationally, UNC and Brown’s historic clash at the San Francisco Fall Lacrosse Classic will mark the first time that two NCAA Division I men’s teams have ever met head-to-head in Northern California. 
“That two elite lacrosse programs are traveling across the country to play each other speaks volumes about the growth of lacrosse in California,” said Braden Edwards, event organizer and two-time All-American lacrosse player at Gettysburg College. 
Lacrosse has been the fastest growing high school and college sport over the past ten years, and there are now more than 10,000 youth lacrosse players in California, an increase of over 200% since 2001.
“Playing North Carolina this fall provides a tremendous opportunity to showcase the Brown program and the sport of lacrosse in Northern California”, said Brown head coach Lars Tiffany. 
Prior to the start of the competition, free youth clinics will be held for kids 4th – 8th grade, featuring players from the participating teams; and a free coaches clinic will be held for local youth and high school coaches with the coaching staffs from Brown and North Carolina.
“Being selected to participate in the inaugural event is quite an honor.  My team and staff
cannot wait to get to the San Francisco Bay area in October to face-off against Brown and participate in helping grow the sport in the area”, continued North Carolina head coach Joe Breschi.
100% of the proceeds from the event will go directly to the BAYS Foundation.

ABOUT BAY AREA YOUTH SPORTS FOUNDATION – The BAYS Foundation works to strengthen programs and organizations that provide opportunities and increase access for low-income youth in the Bay Area to participate in organized sports in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Team USA Women’s Lacrosse Defeats England 20-3 And Will Face Australia, Which Defeated Canada 12-10, In World Cup Lacrosse Finals On Saturday

wordcup09bannerThe U.S. defeated England, 20-3, in the semifinal round of the 2009 Federation of International Lacrosse World Cup, and will advance to the gold medal game on Saturday against Australia. The Americans raced to a 7-0 lead before a lightning delay stopped play at 18:36 in the first half. 

After the delay, Team USA stayed hot with a 15-2 halftime lead. Katie Rowan (Delmar, N.Y./Syracuse ’09) led allteam usa womens lacrose scorers with three goals and five assists. Sarah Bullard (2g) ( Needham , Mass. /Duke ’11), the youngest player on Team USA , won Player of the Match for her strong play between the lines. Starting goalie Devon Wills ( Denver , Colo. / Dartmouth ’06) had three saves in the first half. Keeper Megan Huether (Lutherville, Md./Duke ’06) had one stop in the second half. 

Katy Bennett, Charlie Finnigan and Felicity Hermsen each scored for England . Starting English goalie Catherine Gaunt had two saves. Backup Anita Thorose had five stops in the second half.

 U.S. will play Australia for the gold on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. EST (3:00 p.m. Prague time). In 2005, Australia beat U.S. in the final game for the World Cup. The final game will be webcast live here:–a.


USA: Sarah Albrecht (4g); Katie Rowan (3g, 5a); Caroline Cryer (3g, 2a); Kristen Kjellman (3g); Lindsey Munday (2g, 2a); Sarah Bullard (2g); Michele DeJuliis (1g, 1a); Erica LaGrow (1g); Holly McGarvie (1g); Whitney Douthett (1a); Katie Chrest (1a); Acacia Walker (1a). Devon Wills (3 saves). Megan Huether (1 save).

 ENGLAND: Katy Bennett (1g); Charlie Finnigan (1g); Felicity Hermsen (1g). Catherine Gaunt (2 saves); Anita Thorose (5 saves).



United States 20, England 3

Australia 12, Canada 10

 Consolation Round

Ireland 15, Japan 13

Wales 11, Scotland 8

Czech Republic 12, Haudenosaunee 7

Netherlands 28, Korea 1

Austria 10, Denmark 9

 The U.S. women’s national teams program is coordinated by US Lacrosse, the national governing body of the sport. deBeer Lacrosse is the official exclusive equipment and apparel supplier to the U.S. women’s national teams program.

Colleen Sperry Aungst

Public Relations Manager, US Lacrosse

(410) 235-6882 ext. 155

113 W. University Pkwy.

Baltimore, MD 21210

Southern California Club Lacrosse: Summer 2009 Starz Lacrosse Cup Championship Series Begins With Great Play In LA/OC And San Diego Sections


After much excitement and anticipation, the first weekend of the Summer 2009 Starz Cup has been started off with some great Jamboree play.
       In the North, South Bay and 101 Starz emerge in the Elite bracket with 2 wins each. Starz Cup newcomers SC Starz also tallied 2 wins, as they look to compete in the Elite division next weekend. On the High-School level, parity runs deep in the North, as each team has lost at least 1 contest. Olympic Storm, and Breakerz ran the Middle School tables with each team going 2-0, while 101 and OC Starz stay tied for first in the Youth division.
       Down South, Quad Cities emerged unscathed in the Elite division, knocking off the defending champion Laxdawgs squad 7-6 in closely fought battle. In the High School Bracket, the Carlsbad Boltz are 2-0 in their initial Starz season under Head Coach Dan Collins. Sunday’s games saw the Laxdawgs Brown, RC Carolina, and Quad City teams all emerge as contenders in the Middle School bracket, all going 2-0 on the day. In the Youth division, Quad Cities and RC Silver stand tied with 2 wins each.
     Below you will find the initial Summer 2009 Starz Cup Coaches poll. Please keep in mind these rankings will shake out more clearly in the upcoming weeks, and are solely based off only 1 weekend of competition. See you all next weekend!