Adrenaline Lacrosse Shootout: All-Star Game Features Standout Players From California, Colorado, Texas And Utah

Adrenaline Lacrosse campsThe Adrenaline All-Star Game went off with “great success” on Sunday, and was the highlight of an awesome day of lax. Featuring the top 50 players at the Shootout, the game was a display of quality lacrosse ending in 9-8 last second victory for South Swell.

Inside LacrosseThere were more than a few spectacular plays and it was a treat to be able to watch such high quality lacrosse. As with any all-star game, there were a few standout plays.

As I mentioned yesterday, Tyler Eckeroth from Foss is Boss, stole the spotlight. More than a few recruiters said he was the best player out there, and his behind the back assist to JJ Jackson solidified their claims.

However, with all the recruiters in attendance the players seemed most comfortable playing within their abilities, and the and result was clean, hard fought game.

With a plethora of talent in the All-Star Game, it was difficult for any one player to stand out but here are a few players who impressed me, either for their toughness or creative plays.

JJ Jackson (TX): Attack: Team leader, looked very strong even though he has a sprained ankle. Tenacious rider, overall tough player. Finished with 2 goals and 1 assist.

Kody Klimes (CA): Goalie: Great communicator, team leader. Clears the ball very well, looked promising.

Austin Schacht (CO): Middie: Smooth player, quick release. Shoots the ball faster than Hockstar.

Zack Bullett (UT): Defense: Played very well today throughout the entire game. Solid defenseman, young, rangy. Good stick.

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