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Major League Lacrosse Highlights: Top Moments From 2009 MLL Season On ESPN2 (Video)

Top moments from Major League Lacrosse on ESPN2 in 2009.

College Lacrosse Recruiting: The Financial Aid Pre-Read Must Be As Complete As Possible (Victory Collegiate Consulting)

What information do I need to provide the institution for a financial aid pre-read? 

To get an effective financial aid pre-read, families will have to submit the following information to the office of financial aid:

 Copy of the prior year personal income taxes

Copy of any prior year business income taxes

All W-2 and 1099 forms

Completed worksheet

Monthly budget

 Work closely with the college coach in forwarding this information. The office of Financial Aid will most likely review many requests for pre-reads and they will be much “happier campers” if you have all your information complete, tidy and accurate!

  Tom Kovic

Professional Lacrosse Skills: Kyle Harrison Demonstrates Various Split Dodge Moves (Video)

Kyle Harrison demonstrates and explains what needs to be done to perform a split dodge.