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Lacrosse In The Movies: “Shaolin Girl” (2008) Brought “Kung Fu” Lacrosse To Japan, Which Now Has The Largest Number Of Lacrosse Players After The US And Canada


The Japanese film "SHAOLIN GIRL" was released in 2008 and was about a young girl who has spent the past 9 years training at China’s Shaolin Temple and returns to lead a university women's lacrosse team. Since this film mixes lacrosse with martial arts, the writers have cleverly included a lacrosse training sequence that takes place in a bamboo forest. And why lacrosse, you might ask? Supposedly, lacrosse is a big sport in Japan. It started in the mid ’80s when some Japanese saw the sport during a visit to America and then invited some Americans over to Japan to demonstrate the sport. Japan now boasts the largest number of lacrosse players next to Canada and the US, and Japanese school girls are the main contingent.


Best Of Texas High School Boys Lacrosse: Highland Park Boys Lacrosse Defeated Lawrenceville School (NJ) 12-11 On April 5, 2009

Lawrenceville School of New Jersey hosted Highland Park, Texas. In a game of runs, the boys from Texas got off to a fast start, but every surge was matched by the Big Red. Playing to an 11-11 draw in regulation, the Fighting Scots slipped one past the Big Red in overtime, walking away with a big win for lacrosse in the Southwest.

College Lacrosse Recruiting: Lacrosse Recruiting Websites Should Include Skill And Game Webstream

What information should be loaded on my personal recruiting  website? 

I suggest a very simple approach. As you can imagine, one could load a website with a lot of stuff! Coaches do not have time to navigate link after link on a website and I urge the athletes and families I advise to develop a “user friendly” site.

 The two most important links you will need to post will be the skill and game webstream and the personal profile. Additional links (newspaper clippings, recommendations, photos etc.) can be added at your discretion.

 Remember, your aim here is to assist the college coaches in doing a quality and timely evaluation of your academic and athletic ability!

  Tom Kovic