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California College Lacrosse: Cal State Fullerton Men’s Lacrosse Features Junior Attacker Mike Ansel And Freshman Middie Chris Cole As It Seeks To Repeat As SLC Division II Champions

cal state fullerton lacrosse logo(From Daily Titan article) An inside look at an athlete is something that many fans can appreciate. Getting to know an athlete on a semi-personal level is comforting to fans and everyday people because it gives them an opportunity to see what type of person an athlete really is.

Cal State Fullerton junior Mike Ansel, 21, a communications major, and freshman Chris Cole, 19, undeclared, are two of the premier players on the Men’s Lacrosse Club.

Ansel, who came out of El Toro High School in Lake Forest, Calif., plays attack for the Titans, while Cole, a graduate of Foothill High School in Santa Ana, plays midfielder.

Last year, Ansel was the Southern Lacrosse Conference player of the year, leading the nation in Division II Men’s

Junior attack Mike Ansel scored 106 points for the Titans last year. Photo Courtesy EYEinIphotography.

Junior attack Mike Ansel scored 106 points for the Titans last year. Photo Courtesy EYEinIphotography.

Collegiate Lacrosse with 104 points in 16 games.

Cole was part of three consecutive Southern Section championships. He was an All-American and was one of the top scorers in the Sea View League.

After winning their conference, the lacrosse club went on to the national tournament where they lost to Emory University in the first round.

Recently, both Ansel and Cole sat down and answered some questions about their personalities and their aspirations as lacrosse players.

Daily Titan: Tell me something about each of you that no one on the team knows about?

Mike Ansel: Well, this is going to sound a little weird, but I pay $35 for my haircuts.

Chris Cole: I’m really into koi ponds because I love fish and the relaxing sound of the water.

DT: What is more meaningful to you, scoring a goal or preventing one?

Ansel: It has to be scoring a goal. My position is attack so that’s what I live for, which is scoring goals.

Cole: I love to prevent a goal because it demoralizes opponents when they can’t score on us.

DT: What do each of you love the most about lacrosse?

Ansel: I love that lacrosse is a laid-back and very fun sport. It doesn’t get a ton of national attention but, man, it is fun to play! The scoring of goals, physical play and constant attention you must pay to your opponent is what makes the sport great. Also, if you keep your head on a swivel, you’re going to take some punishment.

Cole: I love the constant action and perpetual motion of the sport. There are no dull moments in lacrosse, which

Freshman midfielder Chris Cole led Foothill High School to three consecutive Southern Section championships. Photo by LaxBuzz

Freshman midfielder Chris Cole led Foothill High School to three consecutive Southern Section championships. Photo by LaxBuzz

 makes the sport great. Since I’m a very confident guy, I love to embarrass the defense. I’m very competitive, and lacrosse brings out the best in me.

DT: Who taught you how to play the game?

Ansel: My coach at El Toro High School, Pat Gowan, taught me how to play lacrosse. I owe him a lot for showing me the right way to play lacrosse. His assistants, Randy Josselyn and Greg Guy, were also instrumental in my development as a player.

Cole: John Fox, my high school coach. He helped make me the player that I am today.

DT: Who is your favorite player?

Ansel: Well, I’m kind of cheating, but I have to say I have two favorite players: Ryne Olson and Jordan Michaels.

Cole: Michael Watson.

DT: Favorite team?

Ansel: Syracuse Orangemen.

Cole: Ohio State Buckeyes.

DT: Who inspires you to be the best?

Ansel: Michael Powell of the Boston Cannons. He’s a great all-around player and defines the word tenacious. He never gives up, and the way he plays just inspires me to be the best lacrosse player possible.

Cole: My stepbrother, Randale Thornhill. He introduced me to the game and showed me how to go about my business and how to be a good man.

DT: How do you apply the game of lacrosse to your daily lives?

Ansel: In life if you don’t put in the effort, you’re not going to see the results. In lacrosse, like in life, there are no shortcuts in becoming a successful person.

Cole: Overcoming the odds, determination and dedication are all part of lacrosse. I look at life the same way.

DT: Describe each other’s personality.

Ansel: Chris reminds me of myself in that he’s super confident and sometimes even brash, but he’s a good guy and modest, but once you get on him on the field he’s like me: an animal.

Cole: Mike is a funny and confident guy who likes to be the life of the party. He plays hard and is always working at becoming the best. I see that in myself, so that’s probably why we get along so well.


“College Lacrosse 2010”: New Lacrosse Video Game Submitted To Microsoft XBox 360 Peer Review “Indie Game Channel” As Last Step Before Release To Lacrosse Community (Video)

Triple B Games and Carlo Sunseri LLC are proud to announce that College Lacrosse 2010 has been submitted to the Peer Review section of Xbox 360’s Indie Game Channel. Peer Review is the last step to get College Lacrosse 2010 released to the lacrosse community.

 “I speak on behalf of the entire lacrosse community when I say “Thank you Microsoft and thank you Triple B Games for making this game possible,” says Carlo Sunseri, founder of Crosse Studios.

 College Lacrosse 2010 was officially announced to the lacrosse community back in May and has amassed over 48,000 fans on Facebook since then.


Carlo Sunseri and Jonathan “Fritz” Ackerley partnered in April of 2009 to build College Lacrosse 2010.


College Lacrosse 2010 will be available to download as an Xbox Live Indie Game for 800 Microsoft Points ($10) directly following approval from the Peer Review process.

To learn more about College Lacrosse 2010, please view our Facebook Page at


 Crosse Studios is a subsidiary of Carlo Sunseri LLC. Carlo Sunseri is a small business owner and lacrosse coach out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

 Triple B Games was set up in 2007 in Dundee, Scotland by industry veteran Jonathan “Fritz” Ackerley (Harry Potter’s Quidditch World Cup, Shadowman, F1 2002, Actua Soccer 2). The company’s aim is to show that great games can be delivered without any of the traditional ‘AAA’ baggage of vast teams & overblown production values.


Western College Men’s Lacrosse: Loyola Marymount Men’s Lacrosse 2010 Schedule

 Loyola Marymount Mens Lacrosse

Day Month Date Time Visitor Score Home Score Venue
Sat  Feb  6th  6 pm LMU   SDSU   SDSU
Sat Feb 13th 1pm Santa Clara   LMU   Leavey Field
Wed Feb 17th 7pm LMU   Chapman   Chapman
Sat Feb 2oth 1pm USC   LMU   Leavey Field
Sat Feb 27th 7pm Claremont 
  LMU   Leavy Field
Wed Mar 3rd 7pm  LMU   UCLA   UCLA
Mon Mar 8th  3pm Florida State    LMU   Leavy Field
Tue Mar 16th 3pm Chico State   LMU   Leavy Field
Sat Mar 20th 1pm  Arizona   LMU   Leavey Field
Wed Mar 24th 3pm  Colorado   LMU   Leavey Field
Sat Mar 27th 1pm  LMU   Texas   Austin, TX
Sun Mar 30th 1pm  LMU   Texas State   Austin, TX
Sun Apr 10th 2pm   LMU   UCSB   The Pit
Sat Apr 17th 1pm Cal State
  LMU   Leavey Field
Sat Apr 24th 5pm LMU   USD    USD

loyola marymount lacrosse

College Lacrosse Recruiting: Lacrosse Student-Athletes Should Start Planning One-Year Out

How far in advance should we plan for the college recruiting process? 

I suggest developing a planning calendar “1 year out” that will be general as you begin the college search, but will begin to fill in as the year progresses. Note everything from SAT test dates and application deadlines, to your date for the Halloween dance! An organized calendar will help you avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

 Not only will you be committing to an organized approach to the college quest, you will begin to develop a new routine to a potentially daunting effort. This newly acquired skill will serve you well down the road!

  Tom Kovic