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San Francisco Fall Lacrosse Classic Will Be An Eastern U.S. College Lacrosse Recruiting Event As There Are No Division I Men’s Lacrosse Programs West Of Colorado; Pac-10 Schools Have Few Reasons To Add NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Programs Any Time Soon

San Francisco Fall Lacrosse Classic(From Contra Costa Times Article) There are, according to statistics compiled by the California Interscholastic Federation, 7,365 boys playing high school lacrosse statewide. That’s more than triple the total from just six years ago.

Meanwhile, there are zero colleges sponsoring men’s teams at the Division I level west of Colorado.

For North Carolina and Brown, both top-20 caliber programs, that was reason enough to agree to participate in the first San Francisco Fall Lacrosse Classic, set for Saturday at Kezar Stadium (3 p.m.).

“This is an emerging market of lacrosse. It’s becoming a recruiting hotbed,” said Brown coach Lars Tiffany, whose roster includes freshman Parker Brown of University High in San Francisco. “Obviously, we have one, and we want more.”

“We all dream to see the continued growth of the game,” Carolina coach Joe Breschi said. “There could be an 8- or 9-year old who will watch this game and then put on a Brown jersey or a North Carolina jersey, and someday become a great player.”

Promoters of the match, who are expecting between 3,000 and 4,000 fans, note this is the first game played in Northern California pitting two nationally ranked Division I teams. Because collegiate lacrosse is a spring sport, the game is an exhibition, but both coaches are taking the event seriously.

Braden Edwards of the Bay Area Youth Sports Foundation, which is sharing travel expenses of the two teams, said groups from as far away as Orange County, Chico and Yuba City have purchased tickets.

While the game is mushrooming at every other level on the West Coast, finances and Title IX gender-equity concerns make it unlikely the sport will come to Pac-10 schools soon. Tiffany said the most recent BCS football school to add lacrosse was Notre Dame in 1982.

That means top young talent developed in the Bay Area will head East to play in college. De La Salle High graduate Nick Richards is a freshman at Penn, and Rob Emery of St. Ignatius-San Francisco, rated the No. 3 prospect in the nation by Inside Lacrosse magazine, will attend Virginia a year from now.

Ross Rudow, a senior at San Ramon Valley, has committed to Cornell, and De La Salle’s Sean Mullin, son of former Warriors star Chris Mullin, will play next year at Bryant University in Rhode Island.

“We don’t have to compete with Stanford right now,” Tiffany said. “Maybe someday we will.”


College Lacrosse Profile: Maryland Men’s Lacrosse Freshman Landon Carr (Curtin H.S., WA) Interviewed By Starz Lacrosse

 Landon Carr lacrosseAt what age did you start to play lacrosse in Washington?
I started playing in sixth grade, Tacoma we were first team in that area there was  40 of us. It was the first time any of us had ever played on a team before.
Who first got you into it?
My neighbor Todd Thorp down the street played Lacrosse at Whittier. He started a team and got us all into it, the Univeristy Place Warriors , which eventually led to the Tacoma Youth Lacrosse Association. I think now there’s more than 600 players  playing.
When did you first start considering the University of Maryland?
I think it was at the when I went on the West Coast Starz fall trip junior year to a tournament at the University of Maryland. They saw me play there, and Xander and Scott introduced me briefly to Coach Cottle and it all just started from there.
Starz Lacrosse Club - CaliforniaWhat role did Starz play in the recruiting process for you?
I pretty much credit Starz with all the success I received getting recruited. Playing Starz in 9th grade got me into the Blue Chip camp in 10th grade , which saw my exposure explode.  Starz has been the big gateway to get seen on the east coast, and eventually was capped off with the Under Armour All -America game
What was that whole Under Armour experience like playing in the All-America game?
The experience was awesome, I was so excited to even be considered much less invited. Playing with all those guys was great. Peter Baum and I have always been friends. We definitely went out there with something to prove coming from the west. Peter had a goal and three assists, and I had four goals I think. If I would have gotten one goal I would have been happy, I ended up with four so I was extremely pleased.
What’s been the biggest adjustment you’ve had to make so far as a freshman in college both on and off the field?
The biggest thing is taking care of yourself, finding your priorities and following through with them. As far as lacrosse goes, the pace of the game is so much faster, everyone is so good.
Maryland will get a chance to play the US World Team this fall,  what are you looking forward to, and is there anyone in particular you look forward to facing?
Hopefully it’s a good experience for us, and a great opportunity for the team.  When you’re playing the best in the world, you’re bound to get better. I’ve always enjoyed watching Kyle Harrison play, he’s got a great style, but I’ve also tried to emulate Max Siebald as far as my own playing style goes.
What’s the biggest difference you noticed between Washington and Maryland?
The overall atmosphere is a bit different, and it’s so humid over here.
Do you have any advice to any current players from the west looking continue playing lacrosse in college?
Every time you come out at recruiting event, you definitely gotta do the little things on the field, that’s what the coaches see.  Also putting the off season work in weight room , the coaches are looking for pure athletes out there.
Do you have any pre game rituals or superstitions?
No not really, I always wear my B is for Brady wristband in support for of one of my Starz Coaches, I wore it for every high school game last year
What do you like doing aside from lacrosse when you’re back home?
I like wakeboarding a lot, there’s two lakes we always go to by my house back home. Lake American and Lake Steilacoom
Got any good tricks you can throw?
Well, I can clear the wake and throw some grabs in, the whole atmosphere of just being out on the lake is so great.
Have you tried a Maryland Blue Crab yet?
I’ve had them before when I was visiting with my dad, but not yet at school.  They were very good as I remember it.
Blue Crabs or Dungenous Crabs?
I think I like my Dungenous crabs better. We used to have a boat on the sound, so we could get them fresh. There’s nothing better than that.

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