College Lacrosse Recruiting: Lacrosse Student-Athletes Are Not Permitted Face To Face Contact With Coaches Until After July 1 Of Junior Year In High School

What type of contacts should I avoid with college coaches? 

One inadvertent error families and their children might make regarding contacts with college coaches is approaching them “face to face” well before the allowable time when off campus contacts are permissible by NCAA rules. This casual “meeting” can become a very awkward situation that might cause a loss of confidence in the eyes of the prospect and the family if they do not understand the specific contact rules.

 Remember, prospects and families are not permitted to have face to face, off campus contacts with coaches until after the junior year in high school (and after July 1 in D-1). If such a contact occurs, coaches are permitted to only say “hello” and remind the family about the NCAA contact rules. Please don’t think the coach is being rude. He’s just following the rules!

  Tom Kovic

Victory Collegiate Consulting

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