Lacrosse As Art: Utah Sculptor Mike Call Specializes In Lacrosse Sculptures At “”

LITTLEBROTHEROFWAR.NET, The home of Mike Call's Lacrosse Sculpture and Art.

Recently, the Hofstra University lacrosse team won its 500th game in the program’s history. As a result, the university sought a commemorative trophy to celebrate the milestone victory.

That’s where the story begins for Mike Call, a graduate of Viewmont High School who lives in Bountiful.

Call has been making trophies and sculptures of Native American lacrosse players since he graduated from Lyme Academy—located in Connecticut — in 2007, where he received a bachelor’s of fine arts degree.

It is also where he was reintroduced to the sport of lacrosse.

“I was originally introduced to the sport as a young child when I saw a couple of Native American handmade lacrosse sticks hanging on my grandfather’s office wall,” he said. “He had purchased them at a Native American lacrosse game in upstate New York while serving as a missionary on the reservation in the early 1940s.”

While in Connecticut, he also lived right by a local high school’s practice field, where he would watch a lacrosse team practice. It was during that time that Call started working with another artist on an idea for Call’s first lacrosse sculpture, which he named “Little Brother of War.”

“It’s a rough translation of the word Lacrosse in Iroquois,” said Call. “And it ended up becoming an immediate success. I sold the first few in the limited edition bronze right away.

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