World Men’s Lacrosse Championships: Team Mexico Lacrosse Was Formed And Developed By Northern California Bay Lacrosse Veterans

The concept of Team Mexico was developed by Iliad Rodriguez, a veteran Bay Area lacrosse player and coach who lives in San Jose and will serve as the head coach in Manchester. The team began to take shape in 2008, when Zuniga became one of the team’s earliest recruits.

Zuniga, who graduated from Dominican University and lives in San Rafael, helped bring aboard Marquez de la Plata, whom he met during a scrimmage between an early incarnation of Team Mexico in Palo Alto. Little did they know what lay in store.

Since then, both Zuniga and Marquez de laPlata have spent countless hours showcasing lacrosse in Mexico, where they have both taught the game and recruited players. They helped several universities in Mexico City establish lacrosse programs, then helped push through paperwork that first earned Team Mexico official standing with the Federation of International Lacrosse and later earned the country a spot in the world championships.

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