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2010 FIL World Lacrosse Championships July Tournament Schedule Released


July 15th

7:30 PM England v Iroquois

July 16th

Time Matchup (Group)
8.30am Slovakia v Switzerland (Orange)
9.00am Bermuda v Poland (Yellow)
9.30am Argentina v Austria (Grey)
11.30am Netherlands v Wales (Grey)
12.00pm Germany v Spain (Plum)
12.30pm Italy v Czech Republic (Red)
2.30pm Hong Kong v Norway (Plum)
3.00pm Sweden v Mexico (Red)
3.30pm New Zealand v France (Turquoise)
4:30pm Canada v Japan (Blue)
5.30pm Scotland v Latvia (Turquoise)
6.00pm Ireland v South Korea (Orange)
6.30pm Finland v Denmark (Yellow)
7.30pm USA v Australia (Blue)

July 17


Matchup (Group)
8.30am Sweden v Italy (Red)
9.00am Mexico v Czech Rep. (Red)
9.30am Norway v Spain (Plum)
11.30am Poland v Denmark (Yellow)
12.00pm Switzerland v South Korea (Orange)
12.30pm Bermuda v Finalnd (Yellow)
1.30pm Japan v Iroquois (Blue)
2.30pm Slovakia v Ireland (Orange)
3.00pm Argentia v Netherlands (Grey)
3.30pm New Zealand v Scotland (Turquoise)
4.30pm Australia v England (Blue)
5.30pm Austria v Wales (Grey)
6.00pm Hong Kong v Germany (Plum)
6.30pm France v Latvia (Turquoise)
7.30pm USA v Canada (Blue)

July 18th

Time Matchup (Group)
8.30am Wales v Argentina (Grey)
9.00am Mexico v Italy (Red)
9.30am France v Scotland (Turquoise)
11.30am Latvia v New Zealand (Turquoise)
12.00pm South Korea v Slovakia (Orange)
12.30pm Austria v Netherlands (Grey)
1.30pm England v Japan (Blue)
2.30pm Switzerland v Ireland (Orange)
3.00pm Norway v Germnay (Plum)
3.30pm Poland v Finland (Yellow)
4.30pm Iroquois v USA (Blue)
5.30pm Czech Rep v Sweden (Red)
6.00pm Denmark v Bermuda (Yellow)
6.30pm Spain v Hong Kong (Plum)
7.30pm Canada v Australia (Blue)

July 19th

Starting on this day teams in every group except for the Blue will be ranked in their pools from 1-4 based upon their finish in round robin play. There will be three brackets in play – a top for the high finishers, middle for the middle and low for the bottom.

Top group of 8 will be all teams that finish in top position within their pool division and the top 2 second placed teams. Based on results teams will be ranked within the 2nds and 3rds to obtain groupings as below:


1st place finishers +top 2 second place finishers identified as B1 and B2 for the game schedule.


Remaining second place finishers (B3, B4, B5 and B6) and the top 4 third place finishers (C1, C2, C3 and C4)


Remaining 3rd place finishers (C5 and C6) and the 4th place teams

Time Matchup (Bracket) (Game Number)
8.30am Red 4 v Orange 4 (Lower) (4-1)
9.00am Red 1 v Turquoise 1 (Top) (4-2)
9.30am Turquoise 4 v C6 (Lower) (4-3)
11.30am C3 v B4 (Middle) (4-4)
12.00pm B5 v C2 (Middle) (4-5
12.30pm Yellow 1 v Grey 1 (Top) (4-6)
2.30pm B1 v Plum 1 (Top) (4-8)
3.00pm C1 v B6 (Middle) (4-9)
3.30pm Yellow 4 v Plum 4 (Lower) (4-10)
5.30pm C5 v Grey 4 (Lower) (4-12)
6.00pm B3 v C4 (Middle) (4-13)
6.30pm Orange 1 v B2 (Top) (4-14)
Blue Division
1.30pm Iroquois v Canada
4.30pm Australia v Japan
7.30pm USA v England

July 20th

Time Matchup (Game Number)
8.30am Winner 4-6 v Winner 4-8 (Game 5-1)
9.00am Loser 4-6 v Loser 4-8 (5-2)
9.30am Winner 4-5 v Winner 4-4 (5-3)
11.30am Loser 4-1 v Loser 4-3 (5-4)
12.00pm Winner 4-1 v Winner 4-3 (5-5)
12.30pm Loser 4-5 v Loser 4-13 (5-6)
2.30pm Winner 4-14 v Winner 4-2 (5-8)
3.00pm Loser 4-14 v Loser 4-2 (5-9)
3.30pm Loser 4-12 v Loser 4-10 (5-10)
5.30pm Loser 4-13 v Loser 4-9 (5-12)
6.00pm Winner 4-12 v Winner 4-10 (5-13)
6.30pm Winner 4-13 v Winner 4-9 (5-14)
Blue Division
1.30pm Japan v USA
4.30pm Australia v Iroquois
7.30pm Canada v England

July 21st

Play In Games
Time Matchup
10.30am Winner (5-13) v Winner (5-6)
1.30pm Winner (5-14) V Winner (5-2)
4.30pm Winner (5-1) v Blue 3
7.30pm Winner (5-8) v Blue 4

July 22nd

Semifinals and Positional Games

July 23rd

Placing Games

July 24th

World Championship Finals

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