NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Student-Athlete Profile: Holy Cross Men’s Lacrosse Sr. Brandon DeLisio Received “Vanhook-Vidulich Acedemic Research Award” As Top Chemistry Student

“Most student-athletes coming into a good school like Holy Cross have already done really well in high school to get here,” he said. “They should already be aware of the commitment they are making.”

 “My coach is really helpful, I’ve missed practices to do stuff for school and I have never been penalized,” DeLisio

Brandon DeLisio received the Vanhook-Vidulich award, which is given to a fourth year student for an excellent research thesis and presentation. DeLisio received the award as just a junior, an impressive oddity among other award recipients.

explained. “He brings recruits over to the lab to show them the opportunities available for them at Holy Cross as students, and I think it’s great that he can turn to me for stuff like that to get them interested.”

Holy Cross senior lacrosse player Brandon DeLisio has never had difficulty understanding that there is a reason why “student” comes first in the label of student-athlete. With the support and influence of his parents, DeLisio earned National Honor Society recognition while juggling commitments to both varsity football and lacrosse at Kingston High School. “My parents kept me involved in a lot of things,” said DeLisio. “I was always in the middle of doing stuff while school was going on, it was just the standard.”

DeLisio has maintained that mindset throughout his years thus far at Holy Cross, which can account for three successful varsity seasons as a Crusader and recognition for his academic research through his recent honor with the Vanhook-Vidulich award.

With his priorities already in order and a newfound interest in the field of chemistry, DeLisio set off on the college search. “There were a lot of schools that I could have played lacrosse at, but had weak chemistry programs. Or other schools had very strong chemistry programs, but I wouldn’t have been able to play lacrosse.” DeLisio found the best of both worlds at Holy Cross, one of the nation’s top producers of chemistry graduates certified by the American Chemical Society. “That fact was actually the number one thing to get me here,” said DeLisio.

From the get go, DeLisio took complete advantage of any opportunity Holy Cross had to offer. “My interest in research actually began at my orientation,” he said with a laugh. “I asked a lot of questions.” It was at his orientation in the summer of 2007 that he found out that research opportunities at Holy Cross were offered to undergrads. Something that “huge” (as DeLisio considered it) is a rarity among other colleges and universities.

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