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NCAA Men’s And Women’s Lacrosse: Goals Scored In Men’s Lacrosse Levels Out At 20 Goals Per Game (GPG) While Women’s Lacrosse Declines To 24 GPG


Overall scoring changed little this past spring compared to a year ago across the three NCAA men's divisions. However, a 1.2 goal per game increase in Division I was offset by a similar drop in Division II. In fact, the average – about 20 goals per game – was almost identical in all three divisions for the first time since this analysis has been done. But that level of scoring in Division I lacrosse hasn't been seen since the 2001 season.

After a four-year rise in scoring in the women's lacrosse, the average declined slightly (0.4 goals per game). There was little change in any of the three divisions, and scoring in Division II continued to be the most prolific at 25.4 goals per game. Women's matches continued to result in about 4 goals per game more than in men's matches.

US Lacrosse U-19 Women’s Lacrosse: Tryout List Announced For Team USA Lacrosse Competing For FIL Women’s U-19 World Championship In 2011


3-time U-19 World Champions

(1999, 2003, 2007)