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NCAA Men’s Lacrosse: New Rules Proposed For 2011-2012 Include Single 30-Second Count To Advance To Attack Area, Stall Warning, And Up To 3-Minutes Non-Releasable Penalty For Head And Neck Hits

  • The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee is proposing a single 30-second count once teams gain possession to advance the ball into the attack area.
  • The committee also voted to add a mechanic for officials to better implement a stall warning when the ball is outside the attack area.
  • The committee proposed a separate rule dealing with targeting the head and neck. The penalty for a violation of this rule will be a one-, two- or three-minute non-releasable penalty.

Meeting Monday through Wednesday, the committee recommended the single count to simplify the number of time requirements (counts) that officials use during a game and enhance the flow of the game.

Previously, teams had 20 seconds to advance the ball to the midfield line and then 10 seconds to reach the attack area. Once entering the attack area, teams had to re-establish possession in the attack area every 10 seconds. That requirement would be eliminated if the proposal is approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel.

“The committee felt it was important to simplify the counts in the game as a way to improve the flow of play,” said Brian Voelker, chair of the committee and coach at Drexel. “By moving to one count, we will eliminate the constant need to step into the attack area and instead allow teams to fully concentrate on running their offense. We believe we have accomplished this without drastically changing our game.”

The committee also voted to add a mechanic for officials to better implement a stall warning when the ball is outside the attack area.

Officials may now signal and vocalize “get it in” when the ball is outside of the attack area and the offense is not making an effort to attack the goal. Previously, only the “keep it in” signal was in place, which required the team to be in the attack area.

In other action, the committee addressed concerns about faceoffs with a series of recommendations, among which concern the illegal use of hands.

To get the ball in play faster, the committee approved a proposal dealing with clamping the ball or stick. Players who clamp the ball will be required to get the ball in play quickly.

Additionally, pinning or holding the opponent’s cross in any manner will be penalized with a technical foul. The other team will be awarded possession of the ball.

Finally, the committee added the “set” call to the officials’ mechanics to eliminate “rolling starts.”

“The committee was challenged to clean up this phase of the game without changing the nature of the faceoff,” said Voelker. “The feedback the committee received indicated the need to limit illegal actions, to get the ball in play quickly and to eliminate the rolling start.”

Contact With The Head

Members also addressed student-athlete safety, a continued point of concern for all playing rules committees. The committee proposed a separate rule dealing with targeting the head and neck. The penalty for a violation of this rule will be a one-, two- or three-minute non-releasable penalty.

“While we have had rules in the past to cover head and neck contact, the committee felt it was important to separate this rule to emphasize the safety of our student-athletes,” Voelker said.

The committee’s proposals will be sent to the membership for comment and be reviewed by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is scheduled to meet via conference call September 8.

For more:  http://www.ncaa.com/sports/m-lacros/spec-rel/080510aaa.html

Southern California Boys Club Lacrosse: Starz Cup Championship Playoffs Featured Southbay Starz Defeating 101 Starz 10-4 In North Division Action

In Starz Cup North action, South Bay (on left, in blue) rolled into the finals and beat 101 Starz 10-4. Photo by LaxBuzz

What a great weekend of Starz Lacrosse! After much anticipation, the Regional Starz Cup transpired over the weekend for the Elite, High School and Youth divisions as teams duked it out in SoCal.
      Up North at El Segundo in opening Elite play, the #7 ranked OC Crush pulled a big upset, winning their opening round game against the #2 Renegades. Building off a solid regular season, 101 Starz upset a talented OC Starz Driggs team to move into the semi-finals against the Crush. The Crush nearly pulled another upset, but loss in a close battle to 101, who moved into the Championship. South Bay also had a tough road to the championship, winning against Olympian and Olympian Tesoro before making it to the title game. In the Championship, South Bay outlasted 101 winning by a 10-4 count.  
      Down South at Del Norte in more Elite action, the defending champion Laxdawg Brown squad defeated the SB Rattlers in a tight 6-4 match before having to face their Laxdawg Royal counterparts in the semi-finals. The Laxdawgs Brown would prevail 9-3 in the semi-finals, punching a ticket to the SoCal Cup, and Regional Championship game winning over Laxdawgs Royal. On the other side of the playoff bracket, the #2 seeded SD Shredderz eased past their first round matchup before meeting the Del Mar Bears in the semi-finals. After battling back and forth, the Shredderz triumphed late in the fourth quarter against Del Mar with a last minute goal. In a marquee #1 vs. #2 Elite final, the SD Shredderz dominated straight off the bat, upending the 5-time defending champs by a 6-4 count.
        In the High School division, the Northern bracket was the largest of the Cup, featuring 14 teams ready to battle it out for a shot at the title. The SC Starz and OC Crush each won their opening round bouts, while the OC Starz Hafner upset their first round bid against the Renegades Red. The #1 seeded Dino Lax easily advanced past their opening round game, but ran into trouble in the semi-finals against a formidable SC Starz team who then advanced to the finals after a 8-4 victory. On the other end of the bracket, the OC Crush prevailed through the quarterfinals against a tough Olympian Black team to move into the semi-finals. The OC Crush rolled through the semi-finals and title game, posting up a combined 22 goals and taking home the North Regional Starz Cup.
        In the South, nine High School teams converged on the fields at Del Norte this past Saturday. Top seeded Del Mar cruised through their opening round game, before meeting a tough Laxdawgs team in the semi-finals. Despite being down 2-0 at half, Del Mar battled back, winning a 4-3 defensive battle. Quad Cites was turning heads on field two, as Travis Begay and Curtis Filmores’ squad strove past a tough RC Starz team 4-3, before taking the title game against Del Mar by a 9-5 count.

Women’s Lacrosse: US Lacrosse Names 2011 Team USA U-19 Women’s Lacrosse Training Team

 From an original pool of 200 emerged 24 of the best women’s lacrosse players in the nation, and now they’ll prepare to take on the world in one year’s time.
US Lacrosse Wednesday named the 2011 U.S. Under-19 women’s lacrosse training team following three days of tryouts at UMBC.

Name, Pos., Hometown, High School, Grad Yr.

Madison Acton, M, Sudbury, Mass., Lincoln Sudbury Regional, 2012
Alyssa Blevins, D, Bel Air, Md., C. Milton Wright, 2011
Tatum Coffey, M, Toms River, N.J., Toms River North, 2011
Jennifer Cook, A, Towson, Md., McDonogh, 2011
Dene’ Di Martino, M, Manorville, N.Y., Eastport South Manor, 2012
Kelsey Duryea, G, Beverly, Mass., Governor’s Academy, 2012
Christine Ferguson, D, Weston, Mass., St. Paul’s, 2011
Cortney Fortunato, A, Northport, N.Y., Northport, 2013
Shannon Gilroy, M, Northport, N.Y., Northport, 2011
Sally Jentis, D, Ridgewood, N.J., Ridgewood, 2011
Dani Lazo, M, Stevensville, Md., St. Mary’s, 2011
Erin McMunn, A, Westminster, Md., Winter Mill, 2011
Kelly McPartland, M, Farmingdale, N.Y., Farmingdale, 2011
Allie Murry, G, Downingtown, Pa., Downingtown, 2011
Mikaela Rix, M, Garden City, N.Y., Garden City, 2011
Anna Salemo, A, Littleton, Colo., Heritage, 2011
Caileigh Sindall, D, Silver Spring, Md., Good Counsel, 2011
Brigid Smith, A, Rockville, Md., Good Counsel, 2011
Covie Stanwick, A, Baltimore, Md., Notre Dame Prep, 2011
Barbara Sullivan, D, Garden City, N.Y., Garden City, 2011
Sammy Jo Tracy, M, Bedford, N.Y., Fox Lane, 2012
Kayla Treanor, M, Niskayuna, N.Y., Niskayuna, 2012
Taylor Trimble, M, Rosemont, Pa., Episcopal Academy, 2011
Rachel Vallarelli, G, Hartsdale, N.Y., Holy Child, 2012

For more:   http://www.laxmagazine.com/international/uswomen/2009-10/news/080410_us_lacrosse_names_2011_us_u19_training_team