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Lacrosse Movies: “City Lax: An Urban Lacrosse Story” Premiers In Denver August 7 (Video)

One is a poet. Another a musician. Several have fathers who have been killed. One has a mother in jail. And one just got into Colorado’s most prestigious and expensive private school. They are all from Denver’s inner-city. They are all 12-years-old. And they have all found a hint of salvation from their violent neighborhood in a most unlikely sport called lacrosse. From the moment the kids discover what a lacrosse stick is, to the heart stopping finale at the State Championships, “City Lax: An Urban Lacrosse Story” takes us on an unforgettable journey. With the wealthy, white sport of lacrosse as the backdrop, we watch as these kids confront the vicious inequalities that plague urban youth today. Yet their undeniable spirit carries them, and their story, to places unexpected and unbelievable.


Tor MyhrenTor Myhren grew up playing lacrosse in Denver. He is now Chief Creative Officer of Grey Advertising in New York, the 5th largest advertising agency in the world. He created the E*Trade talking baby and the Oprah Car Giveaway, among other pop culture hits. This is his first feature-length film.


Gabriela CowperthwaiteGabriela Cowperthwaite also grew up in Denver. She is now an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has directed, produced and written a wide variety of real life stories for ESPN, The History Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic. Gabriela lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Brian Wilbur and twin boys, Max and Diego.



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