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NCAA College Men’s Lacrosse: Princeton Men’s Lacrosse Dominated Virginia If 2010 Fall Ball Lacrosse Play On Oct. 9 (Video)

Virginia Men’s Lacrosse vs. Princeton on Oct. 9, 2010.

Legends Of Lacrosse: Bellarmine Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach Jack McGetrick Dies After Courageous Battle With Cancer

Bellarmine University is mourning the death of lacrosse coach Jack McGetrick, who died Saturday morning after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

Bellarmine Men's Lacrosse Jack McGetrick

The 60-year-old McGetrick helped found the Bellarmine lacrosse program in 2004 and has been its only head coach since the Knights started competing at the NCAA Division I level in 2005.  At Bellarmine, he led the Knights to a 45-41 record, ending with a thrilling 14-13 overtime victory at Ohio State on May 1, 2010.

“Jack McGetrick will be sorely missed,” said Bellarmine President Joseph J. McGowan.  “He was not only loved and revered by his Bellarmine players and family, but across the entire lacrosse community. The courage with which he battled not only cancer but any obstacle he faced should be an inspiration to us all.” 

Bellarmine, which last spring dedicated the Jack McGetrick Plaza and Locker Room at the school’s stadium, is currently planning an on campus memorial service and details will be announced Monday.

McGetrick was known as fierce competitor throughout his career, and continued to compete even after being diagnosed with cancer nearly two years ago.  McGetrick never missed a game or a practice despite enduring harsh chemotherapy.  During an interview with Lacrosse Magazine last season, McGetrick said, “I can’t say that every day is good, but I haven’t missed a practice or a game. Sometimes I have to really push myself.”

For more:  http://athletics.bellarmine.edu/news/2010/10/10/MLAX_1010103334.aspx

NCAA Athletic Programs: Cal Berkeley Women’s Lacrosse Joins Members Of Men’s And Women’s Gymnastics And Baseball To Rally For Reinstatement

When 75 student-athletes in sports that will be eliminated from Cal’s athletic department at the conclusion of the 2010-11 school year marched down the steps of Evans Diamond on Saturday, they were greeted with applause by as many as 200 of their supporters.

Members of the Cal Berkeley Women's Lacrosse team at Saturday's rally.

The occasion was a rally to show support and unity among the Terminated Four (baseball, lacrosse, men’s and women’s gymnastics) and the hope that somehow, their sports could be reinstated.

Men’s rugby, relegated to the nebulous category of “varsity club,” was conspicuous by its absence at Evans Diamond. However, members of the team were outside Memorial Stadium before the Cal-UCLA football game, handing out “Save Cal Rugby” laminated cards.

From a “SaveCalRugby.com” banner unfurled on Tightwad Hill to a plane flying a “Save Cal Baseball” banner over Evans Diamond, Saturday was a day to rally for the disenfranchised.

“To see the program taken away tears our hearts out,” lacrosse player Chapin Jackson said. “We’re going to fight. I think it’s really important to join with the other teams that are in the same circumstance. We’re part of the Cal community.”

The rally was the idea of former Cal baseball player Dan McInerny (1978-79-80) and a steering committee of supporters.

“We met with (athletic director) Sandy Barbour yesterday to find out how we can overcome this decision,” McInerny said. “She was hopeful and said let’s see if we can endow the program.”

Several current and former major-league baseball players and Cal alums were present, including ex-Giant Darren Lewis and Florida Marlins catcher John Baker.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/10/10/SP501FQMQQ.DTL#ixzz11y5RqJIf