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MCLA College Men’s Lacrosse: Colorado State Men’s Lacrosse Rolls Out New Website “www.csulacross.com” With Full Interactivity, Social Media, “Flip’s Journal” And 2011 Schedule


Welcome to the newest version of http://www.csulacrosse.com!  We are excited about the new site and the interactivity it will allow.  With game photos, access to our Twitter and Facebook pages, plenty of info and of course, Flip’s Journal, our new website will be updated constantly to keep you informed and up to date on all things CSU lacrosse.

Day Date Opponent Location Time  
Saturday Feb. 19 @ Northern Colorado Greeley, CO 2:00pm  
Friday Feb. 25 @ Cal Poly San Luis Obispbo, CA 7:00pm  
Sunday Feb. 27 @ UC-Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 1:00pm  
Saturday Mar. 5 @ Colorado College Colorado Springs, CO 1:00pm  
Saturday Mar. 12 @ Simon Fraser Vancouver, BC 7:00pm  
Tuesday Mar. 15 @ Washington Seattle, WA 7:00pm  
Friday Mar. 25 ARIZONA STATE Fort Collins, CO 7:00pm  
Sunday Mar. 27 ARIZONA Fort Collins, CO 1:00pm  
Friday Apr. 1 @ Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 7:00pm  
Saturday Apr. 2 @ Michigan State East Lansing, MI 6:00pm  
Saturday Apr. 9 LINDENWOOD Fort Collins, CO 1:00pm  
Monday Apr. 11 CHAPMAN Fort Collins, CO 7:00pm  
Saturday Apr. 16 Colorado*^ Denver, CO 6:00pm  
Friday Apr. 22 @ Utah* Salt Lake City, UT 7:00pm  
Saturday Apr. 23 @ Brigham Young* Provo, UT 7:00pm  

Flip’s Journal


CSU lax Fall Ball finished with a flourish and with 3 games played in perfect weather this past Saturday at the Manning School, which was reported to be in Golden, but the location felt much more like West Denver or perhaps Wheat Ridge to me. There were many outstanding aspects to the day’s activities, but none that struck me much more than the fact that so many parental and other family units attended the games to see their sons and brothers play some ball. There were a few alums there as well, and the overall fan base and support shown for CSU lacrosse on this most perfect weather day was so impressive that it is hard for me not to remark and say how great that part was and how well it reflected on the whole CSU lacrosse family.

GAME #1 CSU 8 – UNC 4

All the games lasted less than an hour and to keep things moving and on schedule there was very little time for warming up before game time and or other sorts of potential essentials. The fields, of which there were three, would not remind anyone of anything that might have the suffix –plex,, but they were fields and there were three of them all going with high school and college games, and all in all it was a pretty busy, well attended little event.


We opened with UNC. They are MCLA Division II, but they are a hungry bunch with some talent sprinkled in and a little bit of coaching continuity that has really helped the program develop into one of the top Division II teams. It was by no means a walkover for the Rams and the plan was for certain players to play specific increments and for playing time to be spread out differently in the first half from the way it went in the second half, and perhaps that might point to one of the best CSU team points of the game. The play looked very much like the Ram style of play regardless of who was in the game. There was much more consistency than there were unforced errors or bad things for a coach to fret over and that is always a good thing. We controlled the ball for a major portion of the game to be sure and we took a lot of good shots. The Bear goalie, a good one from Arapahoe H.S. in Denver, made a lot of good saves, and one might say that we helped him to look good, too, but I don’t really think that was the case. We had good shot selection in general and most of them were on cage, too. Sometimes goalies make good saves. Besides, scoring 8 times in a short game such as this is not exactly indicative of a game devoid of scoring and or with long scoring droughts.

GAME # 2 CSU 6 – CU 2

As always the intensity level ramped up when we played C.U. in the second game. It really wouldn’t matter if the competition were tidily winks or badminton, these two schools thrive on hating on one another and this was no different.

We took charge of this (lacrosse) game with the Buffs early, and in fact we shut them out for the entire first half to take, I think, a 4-0 lead into the break, and by the way, the halftime down times lasted no longer than a normal timeout in a regular game. These games were over and done in a heartbeat, but that didn’t keep the referees from calling a few penalties, and they did. Both teams had extra man goals, and I think we had a couple as our 6 top-gunners executed the Extra Man situations very well and that translated into a couple of scores.

The Buffs showed some talent and some transition as well with all the different colored helmets I saw out there. As always their Defensemen and goalies were strengths. They will be an MCLA force for us and others to reckon with come 2011.

Freshman attackman Sean Smith found net twice for us in a very impressive effort. His second goal put the exclamation point on the game as our offense pretty much broke down the opposing defense and Sean finished it like it was his job, which, of course, it was. Sean has great promise as a player and his left-handedness will definitely come in ‘handy’ for this team and this season.

The other 4 goals were spread out over 4 different players, and in general the attacking-of-the-goal play was encouraging overall. There was much good movement with and without the ball. The attack position play was good, and that will become very important because we are not extremely deep at that position as compared to say, long stick middie, where we have a plethora, and have spent much time in the fall trying to sort and figure all of that out.


For one thing we want that position to always be a dominant position on the field for our team. For another, we never want good players to just sit and not play a lot. With experience and excellence we have that covered with Andy Siegmund, Mark Moskovics, and Kyle Gies, each one bringing something special to the game in terms of skill and standout attributes.

Meanwhile we have some really great prospects or rookies with the likes of Adam Booth and Chris Anderson. More than one guy can play LSM, no doubt, but as the season rolls along it would appear that it might be quite difficult to keep 5 or 6 of them all involved and happy, and that is especially true if we are successful as a team in the area of controlling the ball during the game. We want to own the ball, and the more a team does that the less the LSM position is in the game. I guess that is at least partly why it seems so hard to get players to want to play that position. Still, I view it as a very important, even star position for any team that I have coached, because when that position is a star then your team owns the middle of the field and that goes a long way toward owning the game itself. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. For example, when Mark Plonkey played here he dominated the game from that position. At the same time, it sucked to be the LSM playing behind Mark on the depth chart because basically if you were that you got mostly NO time in the game. It is a very interesting position in many different ways, and it can be a powerful weapon for a team and a coach.


Jake and Andy Flax have been a part of this team for a while now. They played one year as red shirts and they did three years of demanding service as officers for the club. It is no joke to be in the administrative part of CSU Lacrosse. There is much time and work devoted to keeping up with all of that. As players these twins have sort of had to wait their turn as they continued to work hard on their game and improving as players. In terms of that translating itself onto the field, the truth is that Jake on attack has played quite a bit more of what one might call quality minutes over the years, and that is partly due to the simple fact that Jake plays attack and there are always three of those in the game, and as the years have gone by Jake’s playing time has increased. This year as a senior he was in fact elected a Captain, which I always consider to be something especially big on this team because I think that many of the Ram players were Captains for their high school teams before arriving on this campus, and also because I think so many of our players aspire to be a Captain. It is an honor and a privilege, and it is something that we talk about a lot. We never want, for this election of Captains to be a popularity contest. Being a Captain is a statement about who the team wants to lead them into battle, and never just a reflection of how much fun he is to party with.


Andy Flax plays goalie. The reality that there is only one goalie playing at any particular time coupled with the fact that Alex Jacques had been our starter for the past three years made playing time hard for Andy Flax to find. All that, not to mention that here at ‘Goalie U.’ it always seems like we have 4-8 goalies vying for playing time, has made it hard for Andy to really stand out and find his own place to shine. Well, it may have been ‘only’ a Fall Ball game the other day, but he took the start he was given for that CU game and he made it his game. He played so well that we left him in for the entire game, which really wasn’t the original coaching plan. We never take CU lightly as an opponent, and hopefully they feel the same about us, but any way we look at our current and future goalie situation Andy is in the mix as our potential starter, and that is a great thing to see. I couldn’t be happier for him. Nobody is ever just given anything and clearly there is going to be a bit of a dogfight for this all-important position on the field. Andy is becoming a complete goalie now as he runs the defense with authority, makes routine as well as outstanding saves, and he is clearing the ball better than ever, something that I believe will be a major key to our success.

GAME # 3 CSU 13 – REGIS 1


There really isn’t a lot that I have to say about this one other than the Regis coaches were dressed up as something for Halloween. What it all was I was not exactly sure, nor did I have the cajones to query what it might have been, but I have since learned that there was some sort of Will Ferrell movie reference thing so I think I get it now. Even in the lightest of moments I can’t imagine myself personally sending a message like that to my team, but maybe I am just a grumpy old spoiled sport because I never liked dressing up for Halloween that much anyway. They had the tailoring and duds befitting a pro basketball player from the 1970’s, complete with Afros tucked under headbands and shorts that barely covered the butt cheeks, and it was a baby blue theme so I was confused. I kept thinking Denver Nuggets or maybe the old Denver Rockets, but I think that powder blue Nugget thing is fairly new.

Anyway, it made me think of the fact that back in the day teams had home and away jerseys and not 15 shades of blue and pink and retros and all that. Times do change, and I get that, but it still seems somewhat like the fashion statements that we are making as a society today will quickly ‘date’ themselves to a very large degree, even if it is often all about breast cancer awareness and things such as that.


One thing I can say for sure about game #3 is that all that had not played a lot or a little got to play a lot in this finale. Many scored their first career goals. Kyle Flippen, one of our few, local Ft. Collins products, made it look very easy while ‘going off’ for 4 goals himself, and that all happened without him really trying to tally goals that way (attacking cage with ball). Flip just found himself in good places to take shots so he took them and they mostly found net


We never tell players not to play hard and some of the players had not seen a lot of field time this fall. The end result was the unlikely number of 13 goals being scored for our side in a game that was fun for many but from a lacrosse point of view the game was aesthetically pleasing to no one I’m quite sure.


The one goal Regis did score more or less came while we were changing goalies, and one of the Regis attackers accidentally ended up with the ball in his stick and so he threw it in.


There is no rest for the weary as no sooner have we finished the outdoor season than we are indoors at Odie’s for the winter box league stuff. The GM’s have chosen the 4 teams and tomorrow they start playing for the coveted Smith Trophy emblematic of CSU Box Lacrosse League supremacy.


The World Series ended last night. I didn’t know it was supposed to look as easy as the Giants made it look. They are good and all that, but who bets the farm that the Edgar Renterias of the world will hit the perfect 3-run homerun in the eighth for your team after you spent 10 million mid-season to watch Pat Burrell strike out 12 times in 14 at bats in the post season or whatever? Ain’t baseball great? If general managers decide who gets paid what (players) then who decides what you pay general managers, because it almost seems like they (GM’s) have become the most important dynamic in pro sports. Agents take a percentage, shouldn’t GM’s too? We have built a whacky world where what kind of money one is to make is determined before the performance seemingly more than how one actually does when the clock is ticking, and agents such as Scott Boras have greater fame than the players they represent.

Lacrosse In The Movies: Producers Of The Movie “A Warrior’s Heart” Starring Kellan Lutz And Ashley Greene Release First “Posters” And Official Synopsis

In shock and denial over his Marine father’s death in battle, star high school lacrosse player Conor Sullivan, always a maverick and a hot head, starts acting out in self destructive ways that has his mom, Claire, at her wits end. But arduous training in a wilderness lacrosse camp under the tutelage of his dad’s old combat buddy, Sgt. Major Duke Wayne, and finding a new love interest opens Conor’s eyes to the true meaning of maturity, sportsmanship and life.

NCAA Division III Men’s Lacrosse: Colorado College Men’s Lacrosse Announces 15-Game 2011 Schedule That Includes Colorado State, Swarthmore, Wooster And Whittier

Colorado College will play a 15-game regular-season schedule during the 2011 season, including the inaugural Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Championship at Washburn Field.

The SCAC’s first-ever automatic bid to the NCAA Division III Tournament will be on the line when the top four teams descend on Colorado Springs. The semifinals are scheduled for April 22, with the championship game to be played on April 24.
“We are very excited by this year’s schedule, going from coast to coast with two very challenging games in Philly to start the season and a rivalry game at Whittier to end the season,” head coach Guy Van Arsdale said. “We look forward to tough conference slate and are very happy and proud to be hosting the first ever SCAC championship for men’s lacrosse.  The fact that the conference receives an AQ this year makes every conference game in effect a playoff game.”

Date Time Meet Location  
2/19/2011 1 p.m. University of Colorado Club Home  
3/5/2011 1 p.m. Colorado State University Club Home  
3/12/2011 12 p.m. Goucher College Philadelphia  
3/13/2011 12 p.m. Swarthmore College Swarthmore  
3/19/2011 12 p.m. Sewanee Sewanee,  
3/21/2011 3:30 p.m. Centre College Danville,  
3/24/2011 3 p.m. The College of Wooster Columbus  
4/1/2011 3 p.m. Millsaps College Jackson,  
4/2/2011 12 p.m. Southwestern University Jackson,  
4/8/2011 3:30 p.m. Oglethorpe University Home  
4/10/2011 12 p.m. Birmingham-Southern College Home  
4/15/2011 7 p.m. Hendrix College Home  
2011 SCAC Championship
4/22/2011 TBA TBA Home  
4/24/2011 TBA TBA Home  
4/30/2011 7 p.m. Mesa State College Home  
5/3/2011 7:30 p.m. Adams State College Home  
5/7/2011 1 p.m. Whittier College Whittier  

The Tigers begin the season by playing 2010 NCAA Tournament participant Goucher College in Philadelphia on March 12 and Swarthmore College the following day.
Conference play starts at Sewanee on March 19, the first of four SCAC road games.
CC plays the first of seven consecutive home games on April 8 when Oglethorpe University visits Washburn Field.
Following the SCAC tournament, Colorado College plays host to Mesa State College and Adams State College on April 30 and March 3, respectively.
The final game of the regular season pits the Tigers against long-time rival Whittier College for the first time since 2008. The teams will play for the Stabler-Locker Cup in honor of the two men – CC’s Doc Stabler and Whittier’s Doug Locker – who were most instrumental in bringing Division III men’s lacrosse to the West.
“We’re going to play Whittier every year from now on,” Van Arsdale said. “That’s a rivalry we want to build.”