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Northern California Elite Club Lacrosse: The “All West Lacrosse Elite” Travel Program For U-15 And U-13 Features Top Coaches Under The Direction Of Matt Ogelsby And Patrick Brown


Patrick Brown, general manager for All West Travel Elite and goalie extraordinaire for Marin Club.

Matt Ogelsby, All West Lacrosse owner, Duke University, ACC Player of the Year, 3x All American, 12 Years Pro (MLL & NLL)

Matt Ogelsby with Virginia Men's Lacrosse Coach Dom Starsia

Lacrosse Equipment: “Easton Sports Restructures Management To Lead Global Growth Of Brand” Including Easton Lacrosse

Easton Sports today announced the hiring of Duke Stump as Senior Vice President of Culture, Creative and Brand Innovation. Additionally, the company appointed Mike Zlaket as Executive Vice President and General Manager; named Matt Arndt as Senior Vice President Product Management; and tapped Doug Appleton as General Manager of the lacrosse division. The four will work to advance the Easton Sports brand banner that includes hockey, baseball/softball and lacrosse.

“This marks the beginning of an exciting turning point for the brand. Duke, Mike, Matt and Doug are dynamic leaders whose expertise will be essential in connecting with our passionate consumer bases,” said Chris Zimmerman, President of Easton Sports. “As we look to redefine the company’s messaging into one singular voice, having these experienced executives working collaboratively is crucial in the rebirth of the Easton brand. They have an enormous responsibility for extending our heritage in groundbreaking product.”

Renowned as one of the top branding architects, Stump will be integral in the development and design of Easton products, along with managing the brand’s storytelling and consumer facing communications. Prior to joining Easton Sports, Stump was the Principal and Chief Architect at The Northstar Manifesto where he focused on cultivating and nurturing positive systemic change-makers within organizations. He also spent almost 20 years fostering possibility and innovation at two luminary brands.

Stump was previously Chief Marketing Officer for Seventh Generation, responsible for leading a gifted team focused on brand, product innovation, design, communications, corporate responsibility and consumer insights. While at NIKE he enjoyed a variety of senior executive leadership roles in brand, product and sales spanning 15 years. As Vice President of Product Marketing he was key in revolutionizing the NIKE Bauer hockey brand. His leadership experience at NIKE was instrumental in framing his core beliefs and principles around culture, the power of the human spirit and the artistry of insights. He also played hockey for the University of Vermont and professionally in Sweden.

An experienced leader with nearly 20 years at the company, Zlaket has managed both the Easton Baseball/Softball and Riddell brands. As Executive Vice President and General Manager, Zlaket will build upon his long, successful track record of maximizing value for the company’s retailers and consumers through a combination of innovative product, pricing, margins, and service. His guidance and steady hand in building solid partnerships have created strong equity and trust as the brand looks to expand and drive core categories for the future.

Matt Arndt has been with the Easton brand for 19 years and in that time he’s developed a variety of groundbreaking products for baseball, softball and hockey. In his new position, Arndt will drive product management working closely with the brand’s research and development division to transform the team sports marketplace. He will work closely with Stump as they look to connect with consumers via innovative products that meet the demands of today’s athletes.

Doug Appleton brings a lifetime of experience to lacrosse as a player, coach and equipment developer. In 2005, his passion led to the founding Talon Lacrosse, a designer and developer of lacrosse equipment. In January 2010, Easton Sports acquired Talon Lacrosse, where Appleton is charged with overseeing the expansion of the Company’s newest division.

About Easton Sports

Easton Sports is a developer, manufacturer, marketer and distributor of baseball, softball, hockey, and lacrosse equipment for both sports professionals and enthusiasts. Easton Sports focuses on its ability to innovate and create products of unmatched quality and performance including the #1 bat in the College World Series®, Women’s College World Series®, Little League World Series®, and Slow-Pitch Softball, as well as the #1 stick and #1 glove in the National Hockey League. Headquartered in Van Nuys, Calif., Easton Sports employs over 1,200 people worldwide and maintains facilities in Utah, California, Mexico, Canada and Asia. For further information, please visit the company online at www.eastonsports.com.

Lacrosse In The West: “Inside Lacrosse” Magazine Dec. 2010 Issue Features Article On Former East Coast Lacrosse Players Moving West To Start Up Successful Lacrosse Programs

“The growth has been pretty amazing,” says Driggs, a 1994 Virginia alum who moved to O.C. in early 2000. “It’s becoming a trend for East Coast guys to move out here. Growing up with playing lacrosse as your passion, I feel like I have the perfect job.”

It’s definitely clear that there’s been some incredible growth out west, and that there’s still a ton of potential for more. A big part of that is East Coast lacrosse players giving back to the sport.

Talk to Michael Watson and Chris Driggs, both Virginia alums and East Coast natives living in Southern California, and it’s easy to think they’re working together at the same lacrosse company.

They had regular jobs upon moving out west, but have since focused their efforts entirely on lacrosse, starting small with one team and expanding to have fall and winter programs to capitalize on the sport’s growth. Driggs’ Earthquake Lacrosse in Orange County counts more than 1,300 kids between his spring and fall teams, while Watson’s Lax West in San Diego covers 300 players.

These guys were at the beginning of a recent wave of East Coast players to move out west and help grow lacrosse in its most sought-after region.

At this point, California could field a pretty legit all-star team of East Coast transplants. Kyle Harrison, Brett Hughes, Terry Riordan, Chris Rotelli, Jim Borell, Eric Martin, Mike Doneger, Mike Gvozden, Maxx Davis, Todd Eichelberger, Lorne Smith and Matt Ogelsby are among the well-known names.
The LXM/Starz/Adrenaline crew of Scott and Craig Hochstadt and Xander and Max Ritz (Maryland) and Harrison (Hopkins) gets most of the attention (and obviously landed this December cover story), but just as important to the game’s growth out West is this expanding network of players.

For more:  http://insidelacrosse.com/news/2010/11/17/inside-lacrosse-december-issue-jiloty-%E2%80%94-west-coast-revolution

San Diego High School Girls Lacrosse Profile: Starz Lacrosse Interviews Torrey Pines Middie Caroline Boucher Who Has Committed To Play For Virginia Tech

Caroline Boucher recently led her teams to two consecutive CIF Championship games which Torrey Pines won in 2010. Aside from the spring Caroline has competed for the Coastal Cougars and Girls West Coast Starz teams, which recently saw her commit to play NCAA Division I lacrosse at Virginia Tech.

How long have you been playing lacrosse, and who first got you into it?

I have been playing competitive lacrosse since I was in 5th grade.  My dad has played his whole life so he was the person who got me to play in the first place.

What teams do you  currently play for?

I play for Torrey Pines High School, The Coastal Cougar Starz Elite and The West Coast Starz.

 When did you first start hearing from college coaches, and what role did Starz Lacrosse play in your recruitment process?

The summer before my junior year was when I started talking to coaches.  In retrospect, I wish I had gotten myself out there sooner. Starz Lacrosse gave me opportunities to be on teams that were going to tournaments that college coaches were going to be recruiting at.

What made you finally decide on Virginia Tech?

I really liked my coaches and what they want to do with the program.  The school had a lot of what I was looking for and when I was visiting other schools I was thinking about Virginia Tech, to me that was a sign that I really wanted to go there.

 Which coach has influenced you the most as a lacrosse player?

All of my coaches at Torrey Pines have influenced me a lot.  Lauren Dachille and Kaitlin Swagart (my coaches for 2010) really pushed me to get better and helped me when it came to talking to college coaches.  As a sophomore I had decided to not try out and run track and my coach at the time, Amanda Bourquin, called me and convinced me to come back so I have her to thank for getting me to keep playing lacrosse. 

 You recently won a Championship at Torrey Pines in the spring of 2010, what was that whole experience like, and what was the key to success for your team in 2010?

Winning a championship was a really great experience.  Our team started the season off on top and it was exciting to finish that way too.  The key to success for our team was that we knew what we wanted to do from the beginning, and did everything we could to get there. 

What has been your favorite lacrosse memory this far in your career?

Winning CIF would definitely be my favorite memory.  In 2009 we were so close, but did not come up with the win.  It was amazing to feel like all of our hard work had finally paid off this year.

Off the field Questions:

 What is a Hokie?

I’m still a bit confused about it to be honest.  The idea got started as a cheer a long time ago, but now you see it as a turkey like bird.

 What do you think will be the biggest adjustment for you going to school back east?

I think a big adjustment will be the weather.  Right now I say I like snow, but the last time I lived somewhere where it snowed I was in second grade.  I think that being in the gray weather all the time will make me appreciate the sunny weather here.

 One of your coaches Kaitlin Swagart is a UVA alumnus, what did she say when you first told her you committed to Va Tech?

Kaitlin was, and always has been really supportive when it came to me looking at schools.  When I first committed she congratulated me and was very excited for me.

What is your favorite thing to do other than playing lacrosse?

As much as I love technology, I have always really liked reading.  I’m a bit of a Harry Potter freak.

What are the best three spots to eat in SD, and what do you get?

The Original Pancake House’s Chocolate Chip Pancakes are amazing. Corner House’s Turkey Avocados and Chicken Clubs are the best.  Swirls is my favorite for ice cream, even though it’s technically soft serve.

 If you could have any superpower what would it be any why?

I would love to read minds, but I am not sure I could handle hearing everything that people think.  Because of that I would have to go with being able to fly or turn invisible. 

What is the best thing about living in San Diego?

Though I am not a fan of the lack of seasons, they have an advantage.  You know that everyday you are going to see the sun and the beach, something that I think a lot of us fail to appreciate.  There are so few places where that is possible.

 If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why…

I really want to go to Ireland or Italy.  They are really different, but Ireland seems pretty cool and I love Italian food so I would love to eat the real thing. 

Lacrosse Skills And Drills: IMG Lacrosse Academy Rolls Out 10 Videos To Make “Better Offensive Lacrosse Players” (Video)

Learn from the IMG Lacrosse Academy Director, Kevin Finneran, and University of North Carolina All-American and Denver Outlaw lacrosse player, Sean DeLaney, how to properly cut off the ball and to separate from your defender and have an opportunity to get off a clean shot without pressure. This is the first video in a series of ten lacrosse tips and lacrosse drills to help you become a better offensive lacrosse player.

The IMG Lacrosse Academy, located in Bradenton, Florida is the premier lacrosse training facility in the world with lacrosse camps and a full-time residency program, the IMG Lacrosse Academy can help you become THE TOTAL ATHLETE!

Lacrosse-Radio.com Interview: Michigan Men’s Lacrosse Assistant Coach Ken Broschart Talks About Key Player Losses On Defense And Who Will Be Competing For Playing Time In 2011 (Audio)

Michigan Men's Lacrosse Assistant Coach Ken Broschart

Michigan Men’s Lacrosse Assistant Coach Ken Broschart, who coaches the defensive unit, talks with Joe Hennessy about the key losses from the 2010 MCLA National Championship team and the key players who will be competing for starting positions in the 2011 season.

After four years at the helm of the Arizona Wildcats as the team’s Head Coach, Broschart came to Ann Arbor with an impressive resume. During his tenure, he built a 55-23 (.705) overall record at Arizona, while guiding the Wildcats to three WCLL finals and four MCLA National Championship tournament appearances during that span. Broschart was also named the Western Collegiate Lacrosse League Coach of the Year in 2004.

Originally hailing from Long Island, N.Y., Broschart was a four-year defenseman at the New York Institute of Technology where he was a three-year NCAA D-II All-American and team captain during his senior year.