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Easton Sports Set To Formally Introduce “Easton Lacrosse” In January 2011 With High-Quality, Innovative Equipment And “Concussion Management” Helmet Technology Central To Company


 “…In January 2011 we will introduce, formally, Easton Lacrosse. We’re excited about it. In North America if you are looking at team sports, lacrosse for much of the last 10 years has been on the fastest growth rate. It’s penetrating more and more areas of the U.S…”

 “The heightened awareness around head injuries, concussion management, are incredibly topical and central to who we are as a company.” 

Chris Zimmerman, President of Easton Sports. Photograph by Nick Procaylo, PNG

Easton Sports President Chris Zimmerman’s mandate includes a push to make Easton the dominant brand in hockey, baseball and softball — and to establish a dominant presence in a rapidly growing market for lacrosse gear. The following is from a December 23, 2010 interview in The Vancouver Sun:

What is your primary objective as president?

It all starts with creating a culture and putting together a leadership team that can inspire and drive a rapidly changing business.

The second piece is a vibrant, well funded R-and-D team that is giving us a pipeline of new products that excite players.

But if you only do that in today’s world, the consumer is not going to find you. So for us it is all about that combined attack of really great product and then bringing the same level of innovation to our storytelling.

Is the technology changing for sports equipment?

Products don’t stay on the market quite as long because it’s become more competitive, there are more companies trying to accomplish the same things. Either it’s on the protection side, finding the right levels of protection that can be consistent with where the game is going, or on the performance side of how we find that unique way to build the next stick that is going to give players an edge that other products don’t.

What changes are you making with helmets?

Collectively, we make more helmets than any other company in the world for sports.

We have just created a facility called the helmet technology centre, nicknamed the Dome.

We have over 40 engineers working across all our sports, being able to share research, testing, insights about new foams for protections, different fit systems, and so we believe that we are positioned — in a world where the interest level, the sensitivity and the needs are going up to better understand head protection — to be both a thought leader and an innovation leader. It’s absolutely a corporate priority.

For more:  http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Canucks+finds+challenge+with+Easton/4017845/story.html

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