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Youth Lacrosse Injuries: “High Hits To Head And Neck” Not Limited To High School Boys Lacrosse As NorCal U13 Game Footage Shows Illegal Cross-Checks And Hits To Player’s Heads That Produced Multiple In-Game Concussions (Video)

Comment from laxbuzz viewer:

“You are doing a great job with your website and particularly with your pieces on enforcing the head/neck rule to protect the players.”

 It isn’t limited to HS though, below is part of a weekly email to coaches from John Sheehan of the NCJLA about high hits during a Nor Cal youth U13A game: 

“We had several high hits to the head.  Here’s a link to some actual footage from a U13A game that shows what not to do.  Please educate your players on proper checks and the damage it does to the players who receive these hits.  Here’s the link that you may need to cut and paste to view http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1KnJQUOnFo  “

I am not sure if these hits were called but I do know that several concussions occurred during this sequence.

Keep up the good work!

College Lacrosse Recruiting Profile: Virginia Men’s Lacrosse Middie Rob Emery (Fr., St. Ignatius Prep, CA) (Video)

NCAA Lacrosse: Denver Men’s Lacrosse (6-2) Faces Hobart In ECAC League Play On April 2

NCAA Lacrosse: Ohio State Men’s Lacrosse (5-4) Opens ECAC Lacrosse League Play At Home Against Loyola On April 2

NCAA Lacrosse: The “2011 Konica Minolta Big City Classic” On April 3 Competes With NCAA Basketball Final Four But Teams Don’t Overlap

There was an initial concern when the 2011 Konica Minolta Big City Classic schedule came out last year that there would be overlap between this Sunday’s college lacrosse triple-header at New Meadowlands Stadium and this weekend’s college basketball Final Four.

The likelihood that at least one of the six universities participating in the Big City Classic — Duke, Syracuse, North Carolina and St. John’s — would also make the hoops Final Four was still pretty high heading into the basketball tournament. But thankfully for the classic, Virginia Commonwealth, Kentucky, Butler and Connecticut don’t have varsity men’s lacrosse teams, and out of the No. 1-seeded Blue Devils, No. 2 Tar Heels, No. 3 Orange and No. 6 Red Storm, only U.N.C. made it as far as the Round of 8 in basketball. Rutgers didn’t make the tournament and Johns Hopkins doesn’t play Division I men’s basketball.

Fortunately for fans of these colleges, they can ease the pain of disappointing endings to their basketball seasons with positive results on the lacrosse field. On Sunday in New Jersey, No. 1 Syracuse (7-0) takes on No. 3 Duke (8-2) at 6:30 p.m., while No. 5 North Carolina (7-2) battles No. 6 Johns Hopkins (6-2) at 4 p.m., and St. John’s (2-6) and Rutgers (5-3) play at 1.

Syracuse is undefeated, but has scored just nine regulation goals (the Orange beat Hopkins, 5-4, in overtime on March 19) in its last two games. The famously run-and-gun Orange have three former players that have scored that many goals in one game. Syracuse will need to score against Duke’s No. 3-ranked offense in the teams’ first regular-season meeting since 1992.

Duke started the season 1-2, falling to No. 19 in the Nike/Inside Lacrosse Media Poll in late February. So the Blue Devils went young, and now the freshmen Jordan Wolf and Christian Walsh are 2-3 in scoring behind Zach Howell of Long Island. They’ve won seven straight.

Carolina comes off a huge win at Maryland last Saturday, and is even younger than Duke. Attackman Nicky Galasso was Inside Lacrosse’s No. 1-rated freshman last fall, leading U.N.C.’s top-ranked class, and he’s the favorite to win freshman of the year honors, with a team-best 16 goals and 20 assists in nine games.

As good as U.N.C.’s freshmen are, Hopkins boasts the nation’s best sophomore class, with the Arizona-native Pierce Bassett in goal, defensemen Tucker Durkin and Chris Lightner, the stud middies John Ranagan, John Greeley and Lee Coppersmith and the Canadian attackman Zach Palmer. The Jays are coming off a huge upset of then-No. 2 Virginia at home last Saturday.

Rutgers made some noise early in the year by beating Maryland-Baltimore County, but after three losses in four games it is wading into its Big East schedule needing a win against a St. John’s team that beat the Scarlet Knights last year.

So what’s on the line for the top-10 teams at New Meadowlands Stadium? Barring a collapse in the regular season’s final month, wins on Sunday will pretty much guarantee a first-round N.C.A.A. tournament home game, possibly even a top-four seed.

Then again, it might be a bit too early to make playoff predictions. We should have learned our lesson with this year’s men’s basketball tournament.

For more: http://thequad.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/04/01/a-day-of-lacrosse-at-the-meadowlands/

High School Lacrosse Injuries: Game Officials Must Enforce “Penalties” For Hits That “Target The Head And Neck” As Violence Can “Escalate” And Lead To Serious Concussions And Head Injuries

Three separate “illegal” hits to the “head and neck” were ignored by game officials in the second-half of a high-profile game between two of the top Varsity Boys Lacrosse teams in California:

1. In the first illegal hit, the player on the white team in the upper right of photo initiates a “helmet to helmet” hit followed by an illegal “above the neck cross-check with extension of the arms”.

2. In the second illegal hit, the player on the white team performs an illegal “slash to back of the head” of the offensive player who LOSES HIS HELMET ON THE PLAY!

3. In the final and most disturbing ILLEGAL hit, the player on the white team runs deliberately at the offensive player who TURNS AWAY FROM THE CONTACT. The defensive player DELIBERATELY extends his arms with an ILLEGAL cross-check to the BACK OF THE OFFENSIVE PLAYER’S HEAD AND PUSHES DOWN! This vicious hit resulted in a high school lacrosse All-American Attacker being seriously injured, transported to a local hospital in an ambulance and being hospitalized with a SERIOUS CONCUSSION.

 The hospitalized player will be out a minimum of 30 days and has possibly had his season ended. An MRI and CAT Scan have revealed a previous concussion which has escalated the prognosis to a “SECOND-IMPACT SYNDROME” which could possibly end the players lacrosse career.