Lacrosse Photography: Denver Men’s Lacrosse Middie And Faceoff Specialist Chase Carraro Is Captured In Action By University Of Denver Student/Photographer Tracy Ostrofsky

Denver Men's Lacrosse Middie Chase Carraro (So., Louisville, KY), shown in action above against Villanova, has tabbed a .589 faceoff win percentage in 2011, which ranks 13th in the nation. But he is a true scoring threat for the Pioneers after he starts the offensive possession, scoring 19 goals on the season (5th on the team and 2nd highest for middies). Photo by Tracy Ostrofsky, Denver Sports Photographer.

ESPN Lacrosse Analyst Mark Dixon has remarked about Denver Men’s Lacrosse Middie Chase Carraro (pictured above in action against Villanova in a First Round game in the 2011 NCAA Lacrosse Championships): “…but their midfield…including Chase Carraro, was as good as advertised. It’s interesting because I had a chance to have a conversation with Chase Carraro on Friday and I can look at him right in the eye, which is unusual. He’s a small guy …and in this day and age of your gigantic midfielders, it was pretty impressive to watch…” Photo by Tracy Ostrofsky, Denver Sports Photographer.

Tracy Ostrofsky was born in Houston, Texas on April 20, 1992 and graduated from Memorial High School in 2010. She now attends the University of Denver and is studying geography, Spanish, and photography. Her father, Marc Ostrofsky, is also a photographer and his work with photos got her interested in photography. She began her career by taking senior portraits for her friends and pictures of football and rugby games for her high school newspaper. As for now, shooting college sports is her #1 hobby.

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