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Lacrosse Injuries: “National Operating Committee On Standards For Athletic Equipment” (NOCSAE) Study Will Look To Explain Gender Differences In Concussion Rates In Boys And Girls Lacrosse Players

“…The study that required reapproval in the new fiscal year involves explaining gender differences in concussion rates among lacrosse, basketball and soccer players…”

Board members of the organization that sets voluntary safety standards for athletic equipment approved $1.1 million in grants to research traumatic brain injury Saturday, a step toward protecting athletes from concussions. At its summer meeting, the board of the National Organizing Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment approved three new research grants totaling nearly $500,000, and reapproved $610,000 initially voted on at its winter meeting.

The new studies would develop the protocol for testing the safety of football helmets and investigate hits that cause a player’s head to turn, creating diffuse brain injury. A third will look at biomechanical factors associated with mild traumatic brain injury.

For more:  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/19/sports/sports-safety-group-announces-brain-injury-research-grants.html