Lacrosse Injuries: Concussions Can Be “Reduced, Not Eliminated” By Improvements In Helmet Technology According To Recent Studies

“..Since a perfect helmet has not been designed, tested or manufactured, Mihalik said helmets should be judged by the following criteria: They should fit properly. They should weigh as little as possible. And they should be small, comfortable, economical as well as “look good,..”

“behavior modification” such as discouraging players from “leading with the head” when tackling in football could do as much as improved helmet design to avert concussions…”

Improved helmet design has helped reduce concussions in impact sports such as football and hockey, but it may be impossible to design a helmet that completely eliminates them, according to a panel of sports science professors outlining the latest findings.

Helmets “certainly help to mitigate forces that are distributed by impact to the skull and the intracranial cavity and the brain,” said Kevin Guskiewicz, a professor of sports science at North Carolina and an expert on football helmets. “But the brain is still going to move inside that cranial cavity regardless of whether there’s a helmet on or not.”

With improved soft materials inside its hard outer shell, a modern helmet can lessen the effect of a straight-ahead, “linear” impact, but can’t do much to prevent the effects of the head rotating from the impact, Guskiewicz said Monday at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association convention.

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