Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: The “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Completes Day 1 Of Men’s Elite Division Play

The Men’s Elite tournament began at 11:00am on fields spread from Vail to Edwards. All the favorites advanced except Team One’s Jammin Salmon and The Olympic Club, they were upset by Team Sandy and Team Sasquatch, respectively.

Tomorrow’s semi-finals take place on Ford Field with games at 9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm and, 3:00pm. Maverick Elite, defending champions, looked exceptional in their first day of action and will be a tough opponent for any of the teams in this year’s tournament. 

Maverik Elite Team Jerseys at the 2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout.

Thursday Results:
Division B Game 1: BAWLS Guarana 21, Prestige Lacrosse 5 
Division B Game 2: Warrior X 11, True Lacrosse 3
Division B Game 3: Sacred Marlins 8, The Lofers 7
Division B Game 4: Lacrossewear Red Lions 14, Tunesquad 2
Division B Game 5: Team Sandy 13, Southern Combat Americans 5
Division B Game 6: Denver City Lax 14, Team Gutman 3

Maverik Elite 21, BAWLS Guarana 4
Brine Elite 12, Team Awesome 5
Team Sandy 12, Team One’s Jammin Salmon 11
Rocky Mountain Oysters/ 11, Lacrossewear Red Lions 4
Team 21 5, Sacred Marlins 3
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 14, Denver City Lax 7
Team Sasquatch 9, The Olympic Club 7
Team Chipotle 13, Warrior X 5

Friday Match-Ups:

Winners Bracket:
Maverik Elite vs. Brine Elite – 1:00pm
Team Sandy vs. Rocky Mountain Oysters/ – 9:00am
Team 21 vs. Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear – 11:00am
Team Sasquatch vs. Team Chipotle – 3:00pm
(All games on Ford Field)

Consolation Bracket:
BAWLS Guarana vs. Team Awesome – 3:00pm
Team One’s Jammin Salmon vs. Lacrossewear Red Lions – 11:00am
Scared Marlins vs. Denver City Lax – 9:00am
The Olympic Club vs. Warrior X – 1:00pm
(All games on Edwards Turf)

Division B Bracket:
Prestige Lacrosse vs. True Lacrosse – 9:00am
The Loafers vs. Tunesquad – 11:00am
Southern Combat Americans vs. Team Gutman – 1:00pm
(All games on Edwards Grass)

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