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Lacrosse On Television: New Series “Stick To It With Paul Rabil” Debuts July 16 With First Episode, “Welcome To Rabil’s World” (Video)

Paul Rabil is the best lacrosse player in the world, according to most experts. With championships at the college, pro, and international levels and countless individual accolades – Rabil has the game to back up that claim. With his trademark long hair, uniform #99, and world-class talent, Rabil is the modern face of the sport.

As the first-ever lacrosse player with national sponsors like Red Bull Energy Drink, Rabil transcends the sport and is helping bring mainstream companies into the sport of lacrosse.

In the new series “Stick To It with Paul Rabil” he continues to break new ground, as he brings his message of growing the sport – to television. Viewers will get up close and personal with Paul on and off the field, from his home to the locker room and everywhere in between, fans will get a chance to check out Paul Rabil’s lifestyle.

Produced in an edgy documentary style, “Welcome to Rabil’s World” (Ep 1 of “Stick To It”) will premiere on Comcast SportsNet New England July 16, 2011 at 7:30pm. Encore presentations will occur on July 17 at 12:30am and July 22 at 12:30am. The innovative 90-minute mini-series will concurrently air on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic, with a premiere on July 17, 2011 at 2:30pm following Chesapeake Bayhawks games. Post broadcast look for it on Comcast Video On Demand.

Moody Street Pictures contacted JonesCAM after receiving the OK from Cascade Helmets with a request to use JonesCAM’s patent pending design for inside of helmet HD camera systems. Two days later the #1 player in the lacrosse world opened the doors to another example of a JonesCAM products unique use. The series will have many clips from Pauls proof of concept test made on the practice field and in the stadium at Harvard University. To see other JonesCAM HD products and videos made by JonesCAM, please browse thru this channel and go to JonesCAM’s website: JonesCAM.tv JonesCAM will soon be releasing sample clips of other HD applications of its internal of helmets designs for hockey, snowboarding, skiing, and BMX to name a few examples.

In the debut episode of the three part series, “Welcome to Rabil’s World” fans will experience a Cannons game day practice through Paul’s eyes via amazing helmet-cam video; a tour of Paul’s Baltimore home; get in depth knowledge of Paul’s legendary workouts; see how Paul blows off some steam on an off-day in Boston; and much more!

California College Lacrosse: Video Highlights Of Marymount College Men’s Lacrosse 2011 Season

The Marymount Men’s Lacrosse team is entering completed their fourth seasons. The team was founded by Brandon Buchmayr and has grown tremendously in size and support. Marymount Men's Head Coach, Aaron Karsh just completed his first year with the Mariners. The Team is a member of the Southwestern Lacrosse Conference, joining 20 other colleges and universities in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

International Lacrosse: The Australian Lacrosse Association (ALA) Men’s And Women’s National Championships Take Place July 10-16 In Adelaide

Lacrosse’s history is rooted in native American culture. The game was once a preparation for war, but the baked clay and stone balls of old have been replaced by rubber balls (to the relief of players). The game was established in Australia in 1875.

Murray Keen has been involved in lacrosse in Australia for more than 20 years, and is now co-coach of the Victorian men’s team. He says that while lacrosse is still a niche sport in Australia, the talent pool is deep. ‘‘We had about 6000 participants last year which is nothing compared to the US and Canada, but we are still competitive against those teams,’’ he says.

‘‘What it comes down to is that we have some great athletes with great attitudes here.’’

The Victorian men’s team is this week aiming for its fifth national title in a row at the Australian Lacrosse Association Men’s and Women’s National Championships in Adelaide.

For more:  http://www.melbourneweeklyportphillip.com.au/news/local/sport/other/sign-of-lacrosse/2223674.aspx