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Concussions In Lacrosse: Ivy League Committee Releases 21-Page “Concussion Report” With Guidelines For Limiting And Assisting With “Sports Concussions”

The Ivy League announced Wednesday a set of rule changes aimed at lessening the chances of head trauma for its football players including limiting full-contact practices to twice a week, a 60% reduction from NCAA rules.

The report also recommended examining similar actions for lacrosse, soccer and ice hockey.

The league also gives the executive director the power to penalize players for helmet hits, with the possibility of suspension for intentional hits.

“To my knowledge we are front and center and way ahead of the curve of anybody else,” said Penn football coach Al Bagnoli, whose Quakers are two-time defending Ivy League champions.

Key “Recommendation” in the Report are in the “RECOVERY PROCESS”: 



Bagnoli was a member of an ad hoc committee formed by the league to examine the concussion issue and suggest a set of guidelines. The committee produced a 21-page concussion report, and its guidelines were accepted by Ivy League presidents. They will go into effect this season.

“The presidents formed the committee because they were deeply concerned that concussions are a significant injury in football and wanted the Ivy League to take an active leadership role in developing steps and measures to limit concussions, first in football and then in other sports as appropriate,” said Ivy League executive director Robin Harris.

The report also recommended examining similar actions for lacrosse, soccer and ice hockey.

“Because of the seriousness of the potential consequences, the presidents determined the League needed to take proactive steps in protecting the welfare of our student-athletes,” Harris said.

For more:  http://content.usatoday.com/communities/campusrivalry/post/2011/07/ivy-league-concussion-rule-changes/1

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