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Concussions In Lacrosse: “Impact Indicator” Microsensor Technology Imbedded In Helmet Chinstrap Monitors “Force And Duration” Of Hits To Determine Likelihood Of Head Injuries (Video)

The Impact Indicator is microsensor technology and intelligent software embedded in a chinstrap. The Indicator measures the force and duration of a hit, and instantly signals a level of any hit over 240 HIC’s (Head Injury Criterion) by illuminating a red LED light on the front of the Indicator, easily visible by coaches, trainers, officials, and other players. The Head Injury Criterion (HIC) is a measure of the likelihood of head injury arising from an impact. It is the same criterion used in Automobile Safety Testing and by the U.S. Military. The Head Injury Criterion was established by the Bioengineering Center at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, the same bioengineering program behind ESPN’s Sports Science.

The Impact Indicator is…

• Sophisticated microsensor and intelligent software technology
• Tested to the highest standards in leading sports laboratories
• Calculated to the industry’s most accepted standard of impact
• A reliable way to monitor every hit in every game and every practice
• Invaluable in a day of shrinking trainer and coaching staffs
• Comfortable to wear and easy to use

The Impact Indicator is not…

• A monitor for anything but possible head injuries
• A medical device that diagnoses concussions
• A substitute for qualified medical evaluation
• Protection against the possibility of concussion

For more information on The Impact Indicator, please visit http://www.battlesportsscience.com