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Growth Of High School Lacrosse: “What Is Wrong With Michigan Lacrosse?” Speaks To Problems Affecting Coaches, Players And Parents That Are Holding Lacrosse Back Nationally

What is wrong with Michigan lacrosse?

By Mike Costello, , Ann Arbor Lacrosse Examiner

Apathetic Coaches

The good ones try to improve their knowledge, their technique and do their best for their student / athletes. They think of themselves as teachers – they teach the game and more importantly, teach the kids how to be responsible adults.  Well, I have seen a lot of apathy lately. Coaches who are not trying to be the best they can be. There are many coaches who do not join the coaches association; who do not show up for the year end meetings or the coach’s clinic. Many don’t teach sportsmanship and clean play. I have seen an increase in butt ending, slashing at the knee, helmet to helmet hits, and punches when an official is not looking.  If we want to clean up the game; take away the cheap shots, the fights and the bad behavior, the coach has to be the point person. If a kid acts up and is disrespectful – sit him down. A coach owes it to the player, the school and the game.

And for the good kids, there are many coaches do not nominate their players for anything – not for All State, not for Academic All State – nothing. Coaches owe it to their players to be on the ball and recognize the kids that deserve some recognition. There has to be at least one player in their program that is deserving of some kind of athletic or academic recognition – if not, maybe it’s the coaches fault.

 Lack of Personal Responsibility by the Players

Players, it is not classy to take a cheap shot at an opponent, taunt an opponent, hoot and holler when you are up by 20, to perform a team organized dance to belittle an opponent, or curse at a referee, opponent, fan or your own coach, it’s disgraceful.  It shows a lack of self control and a sense of entitlement.  Playing lacrosse at your school is a privilege, not a right. You need to display some character, humility and honor the game. Don’t blame anybody else – don’t blame your parents or your coach or your environment. You have control of many situations, especially in how you react. An opponent calls you a name – you don’t have to react. You are not “less of a man” if you don’t retaliate.  High school athletics are not war, they are not movies – they are games. This whole “he disrespected me” stuff has to go. Take ownership and responsibility and clean it up. Clean hits and fast stick work are what this game is about.

 Parents who lack backbone

I may get into trouble, but so be it. Parents, you have to be parents and not enablers. If little Johnny mouths off to a coach or an official – YOU had better have a talk with him. He should not be doing that, and if a caring coach rips into little Johnny about his behavior, it’s your fault – you are letting him do your job. Don’t yell at the coach – he’s trying to do what is right. Parents need to set parameters, and if their child steps out of those boundaries, there should be consequences. This sense of entitlement and lack of respect has GOT to go. Let’s put and end to the “boys will be boys” mentality.

 Maybe the root is in the expensive equipment. I understand that lacrosse is an expensive sport – sticks, gloves, travel teams, gear and maybe some kids are getting spoiled.

Parents – keep things in perspective, make the kids earn it, don’t just give them everything. You will be better off in the long run. 

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