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Lacrosse In The Community: “4 Leaf Lacrosse” Supporting “OC Child Abuse Prevention Centers” In Fundraising

4 LEAF Lacrosse is hoping to help the OC Child Abuse Prevention center raise funds to help their in need youth. Any donation is appreciated!

The Child Abuse Prevention Center directly serves at-risk children and families in crisis to prevent and break the generational cycle of child abuse.

Fulfill every child’s right to grow up in a healthy, nurturing home free of child abuse.We operate our programs with integrity, fiscal responsibility, and the highest standard of quality in all areas.

The Child Abuse Prevention Center is the County’s largest not-for-profit organization focused solely on the prevention of child abuse. Our early intervention programs have a well-documented record of strengthening and improving parent-child relationships, working to prevent child abuse before it occurs.

The Prevention Center offers a full spectrum of services designed to meet the mental, emotional and physical needs of children and families, delivered by a committed staff of clinical professionals and trained volunteers whose depth and diversity continue to set new community standards. The single most distinguishing feature of the Prevention Center’s outreach is its emphasis on intensive in-home parenting education. The Prevention Center selected this model of intervention based on research by the U.S. Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect that endorses in-home support as the most effective approach to successfully preventing child maltreatment.

NCAA Lacrosse: Virginia Men’s Lacrosse Signs 10 Recruits For 2012-13 Including Two Student-Athletes From Colorado

Virginia men’s lacrosse head coach Dom Starsia announced the signing of 10 student-athletes to national letters of intent for the 2012-13 academic year.

“It is always an exciting moment to introduce the newest members of the Virginia Lacrosse program,” said Starsia. “Even a casual fan will notice the divergent locations and hometowns.  Our game continues to grow across the country and that evidence is strongly supported with this announcement.  Fans of the program and our sport will be impressed with both the athleticism and the skill level, and will enjoy getting to know these newest Cavaliers.”

Joining the Cavaliers next fall are: James Dahlheimer (Medina, Ohio), Matt Florence (Greenwood, Colo.), Michael Howard (Richmond, Va.), Dan Marino (Garden City, N.Y.), Will McNamara (Haverford, Pa.), Carlson Milikin (Woodberry Forest, Va.), James Pannell (Smithtown, N.Y.), Tanner Scales (Denver, Colo.), Dickson Smith (Dover, Mass.) and Zach Wood (Aurora, Ill.).

  • Matt Florence is a 5-foot-10, 175-pound midfielder from Greenwood Village, Colo.  He is an All-American and a member of the USA U-19 team.  Florence will join current Cavaliers Ryan Tucker, Gregory Danseglio and Tanner Ottenbreit in Turku, Finland for the 2012 FIL U19 World Championships. As a sophomore he led his Kent Denver High School team with 30 goals and 11 assists. Florence is also a running back on the Kent Denver football team, rushing for over 1,000 yards and earning all-state honors.
  • Tanner Scales is a 6-foot-2, 200-pound defenseman from Denver, Colo.  Inside Lacrosse ranks him as the No. 8 rising senior.  He is an All-American and an Under Armour All-Star.  He was named the New England Defender of the Year at Salisbury in Connecticut.  He currently attends Regis Jesuit in his home state of Colorado, the same school as current Cavaliers Rhody Heller and Tanner Ottenbreit. Scales also played hockey at Salisbury, earning all-state honors as a sophomore.

Lacrosse Conditioning: Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse Middie Erin Fitzgerald Demonstrates Workout That Helped Wildcats Win 2011 National Lacrosse Championship

While many still wonder how a lacrosse program in the Midwest can be as dominant as the one Kelly Amonte Hiller has established at Northwestern, those who have watched an Amonte Hiller-coached team know the Wildcats’ success starts in the gym. For proof, look no further than junior Erin Fitzgerald.

A high school attacker, Fitzgerald transformed into an attack/midfield hybrid in Northwestern’s fast-paced offense. Knowing the position switch necessitated a conditioning boost, Fitzgerald as a freshman started working out twice a day while switching to a protein-based diet.

It paid off. Rather than tiring as the season progressed, Fitzgerald played her best at the end of the year. The Mt. Sinai, N.Y., native worked her way into the starting lineup by playoffs, and in four postseason starts she tied for the team lead with 12 goals. But the Wildcats that season would up blowing a six-goal lead in a loss to Maryland in the 2010 NCAA championship game. With the collapse fresh in their memories, Fitzgerald and her teammates took their conditioning to a new level in the ensuing offseason. The workouts stayed the same — hard sprints mixed with strength and conditioning — while the intensity increased.

“Our workouts got 10 times harder,” Fitzgerald said. “Everyone was pushing each other because we had something to prove, and we were all kind of pissed off.”

The Wildcats responded, outscoring their opponents by a whopping 121 goals and avenging their loss to Maryland in the 2011 NCAA championship game for their sixth title in seven years.

Staying in shape is nothing new in the Fitzgerald family. Erin’s parents, sister and brother all played sports at the Division I level. She mixes up her workouts with spinning, running, kickboxing and even boot camp as her schedule permits.

“The feeling I get after a hard workout is probably what I look forward to most and what gets me through my workout,” said Fitzgerald, who works under the guidance of Northwestern Director of Sports Performance Jason Pullara. “Just knowing that I’m going to be in top shape and able to compete at my best on the field.”

Q&A with Erin

What’s your favorite workout?
My favorite workout would probably be sprints into some plyometric things — whether it’s squat jumps or mountain climbers — just to keep my heart rate going.

What music do you like to listen to in the gym?
I just like to mix it up a lot, whether it’s rap or rock, I just like to change it up. I’m a big Nicki Minaj fan.

What is your diet like?
I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and I also make sure I always have protein, whether that’s chicken or salmon or peanut butter. I try to stay away from deserts, but I’m a big candy person.

Suggested Workouts

Dumbbell Snatch

  • This exercise builds lower body power and explosiveness.
  • Use one dumbbell. (Fitzgerald uses a 25-pounder.)
  • Start by getting in a Romanian dead lift (RDL) position, with your hips back, shoulders over the dumbbell, back flat and slight bend in your knees.
  • Grip the dumbbell at about knee height.
  • Extend through your ankles, knees and hips quickly, simultaneously keeping the dumbbell as close to your body as possible.
  • Raise it until your arm is extended over your head, with the dumbbell in alignment with your ears.
  • Finish in a quarter-squat position.
  • Repeat four times with each arm for 3-5 sets.

Front Squat

  • This exercise builds lower body strength, specifically in your glutes, hamstrings and quads.
  • Hold a barbell in front of your body on top of your shoulders.
  • Begin in a standing position and squat (pushing your hips backwards) until your thighs are parallel with the ground.
  • Explode back up to a standing position, keeping the bar on top of your shoulders.

Reverse V-Ups

  • This exercise strengthens your core muscles.
  • Use one exercise ball.
  • Assume push-up position with your hands on the floor and feet resting on the ball.
  • Slowly roll the ball forward until your body is fully extended. When executed properly, your body should form the shape of a triangle.
  • After your rear has reached its highest point, roll the ball back to its original position.
  • Fitzgerald recommends three sets of 10.

A version of this article appears in the November issue of Lacrosse Magazine.  Previous Gym Rats features have included UMBC coaches Kelly Berger and Amy Appelt, and Team USA goalie and Marquette assistant coach Scott Rodgers. Check back to LaxMagazine.com for tips from Mercyhurst’s Ian Wild. Don’t get the mag? Join US Lacrosse and its 350,000-plus members today to start your monthly subscription.

MCLA Lacrosse: UCLA Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach Jacques Bagley Has Built Team With Players From Both The East And West Coast

With a coach from Philadelphia and two members of the team from New York, it’s clear that the East Coast has a strong influence on the UCLA men’s lacrosse team. Contrary to popular belief though, lacrosse is quickly becoming a popular sport on both sides of the U.S.

“Lacrosse is booming out here. California is one of the hottest states for lacrosse,” said coach Jacques Bagley, a Philadelphia native who has been involved with the sport for more than 10 years.

“Other states like Oregon and Washington also have great lacrosse programs.”

Teams at schools like UCLA still lack NCAA status, but that is not keeping the team from growing and expanding its pool of players. Bagley is a part of a national recruiting organization that was put into place as a way for club coaches to reach out to prospective athletes.

“Having this program, we are able to see kids from all over, ranging from Massachusetts to Chicago to Washington and all over the East Coast,” Bagley said.

Establishing ties with current players and spreading the success of West Coast lacrosse teams is just another step that is being taken in the growth of this sport.

For more:  http://www.dailybruin.com/index.php/article/2011/11/lacrosse_the_country