MCLA Lacrosse: UCLA Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach Jacques Bagley Has Built Team With Players From Both The East And West Coast

With a coach from Philadelphia and two members of the team from New York, it’s clear that the East Coast has a strong influence on the UCLA men’s lacrosse team. Contrary to popular belief though, lacrosse is quickly becoming a popular sport on both sides of the U.S.

“Lacrosse is booming out here. California is one of the hottest states for lacrosse,” said coach Jacques Bagley, a Philadelphia native who has been involved with the sport for more than 10 years.

“Other states like Oregon and Washington also have great lacrosse programs.”

Teams at schools like UCLA still lack NCAA status, but that is not keeping the team from growing and expanding its pool of players. Bagley is a part of a national recruiting organization that was put into place as a way for club coaches to reach out to prospective athletes.

“Having this program, we are able to see kids from all over, ranging from Massachusetts to Chicago to Washington and all over the East Coast,” Bagley said.

Establishing ties with current players and spreading the success of West Coast lacrosse teams is just another step that is being taken in the growth of this sport.

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