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WCLA Lacrosse: Lacrosse Magazine’s “2012 Preseason WCLA Women’s Lacrosse” Rankings Feature #1 Colorado State, UC Davis, Colorado, Santa Clara And UCLA

US Lacrosse WCLA Division I

1. Colorado State
2. UC Davis Club
3. Colorado
4. Santa Clara
6. Florida Club
7. UC Santa Barbara
8. Cal Poly
9. Michigan
10. Brigham Young
11. Georgia
12. Texas
13. Maryland Club
14. Pittsburgh
15. Virginia Tech Club
16. Boston College Club
17. Virginia Club
18. Washington
19. Arizona State
20. Central Florida

Preseason Player of the Year: Clayton Crum, Texas

MCLA Lacrosse: Lacrosse Magazine Releases “2012 Preseason MCLA Div I Lacrosse” Rankings Featuring #1 BYU Followed By Arizona State, Chapman, Colorado State And Michigan State

MCLA Division I

1. Brigham Young
2. Arizona State
3. Chapman
4. Colorado State
5. Michigan State
6. Boston College
7. Cal Poly
8. Florida State
9. Oregon
10. Buffalo
11. Colorado
12. UCSB
13. Texas
14. Clemson
15. Minnesota-Duluth
16. Virginia Tech
17. Simon Fraser
18. Illinois
19. Utah
20. Central Florida

Preseason Player of the Year: Dylan Westfall, Arizona State

NCAA Lacrosse: “Lacrosse Magazine” 2012 “Preseason NCAA Men’s Div I Lacrosse” Rankings Feature #1 Virginia Followed By Duke, Johns Hopkins, Cornell And Denver

NCAA Division I Men

1. Virginia
2. Duke
3. Johns Hopkins
4. Cornell
5. Denver
6. North Carolina
7. Maryland
8. Syracuse
9. Notre Dame
10. Villanova
11. Harvard
12. Massachusetts
13. Princeton
14. Penn State
15. Penn
16. Bucknell
17. Yale
18. Hofstra
19. Loyola
20. Ohio State

Preseason Player of the Year: Rob Pannell, Cornell

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NCAA Lacrosse: “Lacrosse Magazine” Releases 2012 “Preseason NCAA Div Women’s Lacrosse” Rankings Featuring #1 Northwestern Followed By Maryland, North Carolina, Duke And Florida; Stanford Ranked #9 And Notre Dame #18

NCAA Division I Women

1. Northwestern
2. Maryland
3. North Carolina
4. Duke
5. Florida
6. Virginia
7. Princeton
8. Boston College
9. Stanford
10. Loyola
11. James Madison
12. Penn
13. Dartmouth
14. Syracuse
15. Penn State
16. Vanderbilt
17. Georgetown
18. Notre Dame
19. Albany
20. Harvard

Preseason Player of the Year: Shannon Smith, Northwestern

WCLA Lacrosse: Texas Women’s Lacrosse Sr. Middie Clayton Crum Is Lacrosse Magazine’s “Preseason Player Of The Year”

Western College Lacrosse: Dedication Of The “Caven Lacrosse Field” At The University Of Texas Has Supporters Anticipating Texas Men’s And Women’s Lacrosse Being Elevated To Varsity Status

Caven Lacrosse Field at the University of Texas

Texas Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse will practice and play their home games at the new Caven Lacrosse and Sports Center at Clark Field following a mutimillion-dollar project. It is an NCAA-caliber field that may serve as a prelude to the University of Texas elevating lacrosse to Varsity Division I status in the near future. The $4 million renovation was made possible through $3 million in private donations and $1 million from the university’s recreational sports department.



MCLA Lacrosse: Arizona State Men’s Lacrosse Sr. Goalie Dylan Westfall Is Lacrosse Magazine’s “Preseason Player Of The Year”