College Women’s Lacrosse Tournaments: The “2012 Santa Barbara Lacrosse Shootout” Features 64 Teams From 16 States Competing On Feb 17-19

The 24th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout is more than two months away but 52 of 64 spots in the event have already been claimed. The Shootout is February 17 – 19, 2012 at UCSB, SBCC and Girsh Park. Participation in the tournament is capped at 64 teams across all divisions.

 Shootout teams will be descending on Santa Barbara from all over the United States …16 different states to be exact… from Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. The Shootout annually brings in about 1,200 athletes to Santa Barbara. More than 1,500 additional people come to town too in the form of family members, fans and officials.

Shootout Division Registrations Status
U.S. Lacrosse WCLA D1 Division 24 Teams Full 2 On Waiting List
U.S. Lacrosse WCLA D2 Division 18 Teams 6 Openings
WWLL B Team Division 5 Teams 1 Opening
Super Division (Po-Co, NCAA & Alumni Teams) 1 Team 5 Openings
Sweet Teen Division (U-19 / U-17 Teams) 5 Teams 7 Openings
Under-15 Division 0 Teams 6 Openings

The WCLA D1 bracket is full at 24 teams and has 2 teams on the waiting list. Spots are likely to be created in that division based on the open slots in other divisions. Divisions not filled by December 15th will reduced to a minimum number optimal to offer the division to allow for accepting teams on the waiting list in any division. The December 15th date for this adjustment lets waiting list teams know they’re accepted a full two months out from the tournament.

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