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MCLA Lacrosse: Great Rivers Lacrosse Conference (GRLC) Preseason Rankings Features Illinois Men’s Lacrosse #1 Followed By Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin And Iowa


After the Great Rivers Lacrosse Conference’s annual conference meeting in St. Louis, Missouri all coaches gave their preseason ranking for both Division I and Division II. No one was surprised to see University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and Washington University in St. Louis at the top of their respective divisions. Both teams represented the GRLC at the MCLA’s National Champsionships in Greenville, SC in 2012.

Division I

  1.  Illinois
  2. Missouri
  3. Kansas
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Iowa
  6. Indiana
  7. Purdue
  8. Illinois State
  9. Miami-Ohio
  10. Nebraska
  11. Arkansas

Division II 1. Wash U 2. Missouri Baptist 3. Missouri State 4. Judson 5. DePaul 6. Creighton 7t. Lindenwood-Belleville 7t. Wheaton 9. Saint Louis University 10. Missouri S&T 11. Wabash 12. Dordt 13. Harding

These rankings do not include associate members of either division.