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NCAA Lacrosse Recruiting: Interview With Michigan Men’s Lacrosse Freshman Attacker Brendan Gaughan (La Costa Canyon, CA)

Next up for the Class One Q&A is Brendan Gaughan of Carlsbad, Calif., who discusses knowing teammate Andrew Hayden, the welcoming nature of the team and choosing to attend Michigan.

On knowing teammate Andrew Hayden from high school (La Costa Canyon in Carlsbad, Calif.)… “Knowing someone from a school who is on the same team and just having a familiar face eases the whole process. He is most definitely a

Brendan Gaughan

role model to me, not only on the lacrosse field, but in general. On and off the field he is a great friend and a great person all around.”

On fitting into Coach Danehy’s new offense when the season starts … “I’m definitely not going to take anything for granted. Everyone is fighting for a spot here, lefties, righties, and even players from the X position. No matter what, Coach Danehy is going to start the people that deserve to start. I’m not saying that it is going to be anyone in particular. Everyone is fighting for a spot. I trust in Coach Danehy to put the best people on the field.”

On participating in the Under Armour All-American game… “It was a huge honor to play in the game. But I’m also not going to take that for granted. There are a lot of people in San Diego and California in general that deserved that spot just as much as I did. It was a very humbling experience when I was chosen for this game out of all the West Coast. The game was pretty fun, and then we got cool gear, but sharing the experience with other kids who are going DI was the best. We started new friendships, got phone numbers, and still keep in touch. Meeting everyone around me was a pretty cool experience.”

On being on the cover of Lacrosse Magazine… “Well to tell you the truth I was not expecting that. Lacrosse Magazine just mentioned that they wanted to take a couple of photos of my friend (Kiki Gibson). We had no clue it was going to be on the cover whatsoever. We thought we’d have a good time with it, and the picture that was chosen was chosen.”

On being part of Class One… “I feel like it’s a huge honor. I’ll speak for every other freshman that is coming to Michigan. We are all really excited to help create a new team brand and legacy. The guys already on the team have done outstanding jobs preparing this team for us to join. We learn from them. They are our role models, and they are great leaders as well. We look up to them, most definitely.”

On what drew him to Michigan… “The academics are second to none, one of the top 10 schools in the nation, if not top five. Ann Arbor is so lively and so happy. You walk across the street and glance at someone and they smile and wave back at you. Back in San Diego, that doesn’t happen, and I love the welcoming presence here. The athletics are unbelievable, that is the only word I can use to describe it. The support system is unlike any other school in the nation. I am really happy that I chose the University of Michigan.”

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