NCAA Lacrosse: USC Women’s Lacrosse Had “Remarkable First Year” In 2013 As Head Coach Lindsey Munday And Staff Used Top Freshman Class To Make MPSF Tournament

USC Women's Lacrosse Head Coach Lindsey Munday, AD Pat Haden, JK McKay And Hilary Bowen

USC Athletic Director Pat Haden commented on USC Women’s Lacrosse first season:
“It seems like Lindsey Munday has been here a decade, but this is just their first year of competition. She is phenomenal. She is still a great player as the captain of the U.S. National Team. Everyone thought we would just be slaughtered in our first year playing mostly freshmen, but we have some of the best freshmen in the country. Lindsey has recruited fantastically, particularly back East, and this freshmen class is going to be a part of something special by the time they are done here. It was a remarkable first year for this program, Lindsey and her staff.”
Pictured from left to right: Sr. Associate Athletic Director J.K. McKay, Head Coach Lindsey Munday, Athletic Director Pat Haden and Assistant Coach Hilary Bowen

USC Women's Lacrosse

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