St. Margaret’s Boys Lacrosse Head Coach Glen Miles Discusses “Playing Time” And The Important Role Of Seniors On A High School Lacrosse Team

st margaret's lacrosse

St. Margaret's Episcopal Boys Lacrosse Head Coach Glen Miles.

St. Margaret’s Episcopal Boys Lacrosse Head Coach Glen Miles.

In part four of his interview with LaxBuzz, Glen Miles, head coach of the Nike/US Lacrosse West Region #4 Ranked St. Margaret’s Episcopal Boys Lacrosse program, discusses the role of seniors on a high school lacrosse team.

LaxBuzz: Many parents have contacted me over the years regarding playing time for upper classmen, especially seniors. There is a fine line between playing “the best” players, giving playing time to freshman and sophomores, and honoring seniors who have, in many cases, along with their families, put in eight years of sacrifice to get to this moment. This will be the last year of lacrosse for many of them. What is your philosophy regarding playing seniors? Is there an “honor code” in lacrosse that you honor seniors on high school lacrosse teams?

Glen Miles: “This is a very difficult issue and obviously very painful for the seniors who don’t get to play as much as they had hoped they would.  I believe coaches need to work authentically and empathetically love their players.  If kids feel loved and are able to put the goals of the team before themselves, this challenge can be managed.  This takes a very different level of commitment to each individual than many coaches are willing to give. “
“That said, I also believe high school sports are played and coaches should coach and make decisions based on what he or she believes will give the team the best opportunity to win.”

“For me this means playing the players who have earned the right to play through hard work, love for their teammates, a commitment to the team and a passion to prepare on and off the field.”


“For me playing time is not earned through longevity.  My seniors certainly get the benefit of the doubt if their performance is equal or close to an underclassman but not merely because they have been there the longest.”

“I believe that if coaches truly “love” their guys that they will feel the pain a senior maybe feeling from a lack of playing and should empathetically help the player work through that challenge.”

“There are many roles to play on a Varsity Lacrosse Team.  There are leadership roles, there are follower roles, there are scout team roles, and there are friendship roles.  If a coach is an effective leader, he can help each senior find a role that is rewarding to him.”

 “Obviously this is a difficult thing to handle as a young man but I feel strongly that the community of “team” is the training ground for life.  Handled appropriately, every senior can feel great and grateful about being on the team whether that involves playing time or not.”

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