NCAA Lacrosse: Ohio State Men’s Lacrosse Seniors Joe Meurer, Greg Dutton And Dominic Imbordino Discuss New Gear And First Team Workout (Video)

Ohio State Men's Lacrosse 2012 Media GuideThe 2013-14 men’s lacrosse student-athletes reported to campus last weekend and started the 2013-14 academic year Wednesday as classes began across campus.

The members of the program then had the first meeting as a team Thursday. When the players walked into the lockerroom, they were greeted by new gear (photo). Included in the gear for this season? An iPad for each student-athlete, which can be used both for academic and athletic purposes during the year. The players went through the first team workout of the campaign Thursday and then completed the run test Friday morning.

This weekend, the team will gather for a retreat (including paintball) Saturday before spending time Sunday volunteering at the Heinzerling Foundation.

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