National Lacrosse League: Colorado Mammoth Select Bellarmine Goalie Dillon Ward With 3rd Pick; No Goalie Selected This High Since 1999 Draft

Colorado Mammoth

The Mammoth picked third and snatched the best goalie available, Dillon Ward (Bellarmine). Brilliant move by GM Steve Govett. Ward, all six-foot-five of him, is a big-game stopper. He was tournament MVP when he helped the Orangeville Northmen win the 2012 Canadian junior title and, playing summer ball in Kitchener, Ontario, he had better stats than teammate Mike Poulin, who is the No. 1 starter for Calgary’s NLL club.
”Dillon Ward is our future in goaltending along with Tye Belanger,” said head coach Bob Hamley. ”We’re pretty excited to get a guy like that with the resume he has _ Minto Cups and all-America at Bellarmine. So we’re excited to have him.”
No goalie since former Mammoth stopper Gee Nash, the No. 2 pick in 1999, had been selected as high as Ward.
The Mammoth weren’t up again until the fourth round.
”We traded out of the second round previously to get Drew Westervelt (from Philadelphia),” said Hamley. ”We’re pretty excited to have Drew.”
He’s a key addition for the Mammoth, an accomplished 30-goal scorer, thus well worth relinquishing two second-round picks.


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