International Lacrosse: The Netherlands May Be The “Next European Power” As Dutch Lacrosse Assoc. (DLA) Has Grown From 1 Club To 600 Members In Last 10 Years; Dutch Men’s National Lacrosse Team Will Compete At 2014 FIL World Championships

Dutch Lacrosse

In 2000 the Netherlands could count on only one team from the city of Maastricht. In the first three years of existence, Maastricht, had not any competitor in the Netherlands and, to cope with this lack, were organized in those years training and friendly matches against German teams.
Finally in 2003 was played the first official match between Maastricht and the newly formed team in Amsterdam.
Now some might say that the Netherlands is the next European power to Lacrosse.
This is confirmed by Rianne Oostwoud Wijdenes, temporary Secretary of the Dutch Lacrosse Association: “the talent among the Dutch boys is consistent and I think in the next World Championship in Denver there again we will rank among the top eight.”
Currently, the Netherlands is the third largest nation in European lacrosse, after Britain and Germany whose origins are much older.
What began with that game in 2003, has grown into a League to more clubs with 21 divisions throughout the country and his version of Fall Ball that lasts all season.
Of the 21 club, 14 also have a women’s team. The women’s Championship is a lot younger than her male counterpart having been launched only in 2006, but has already given rise to a strong women’s national team.
The DLA (Dutch Lacrosse Association) is in charge of all, coordinating and stimulating the growth of lacrosse. At the moment there are over 600 members and the Committee for the development of associations is committed not only to organize new programs, but also to help distressed companies to attract new members.
During the past 10 years, much has happened in lacrosse. The men’s national team has participated in all major competitions since 2004 with outstanding results: during the 2008 European Championships took second place after losing the final against England and men’s World Championships of 2010 he finished in eighth place with a record of 5 WINS and 3 defeats in a competition in which the Orange national almost managed to beat a nation of Blue Division, Japan.
Dutch lacrosse community is also active in the promotion of the sport in Europe having hosted the recent men’s and women’s Championships in 2012 in Amsterdam.
All this is part of a broader plan in which Holland hopes to become one of the leading European Nations of lacrosse.
Currently the attention of Dutch Lacrosse world aims toward the next 2014 World Championships in Denver.

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