High School Lacrosse: Denver Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach Bill Tierney Continues To Recommend That Student-Athletes “Play Multiple Sports To Develop Skill Sets And Learn Teamwork”

Denver Men's Lacrosse Head Coach Bill Tierney

Bill Tierney, Denver Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach
“I continuously recommend to young men to play more than just one sport in high school. First of all, any sport, including lacrosse, can become boring if obsessed over for 12 months a year. Secondly, other sports help young men develop a skill set not available when working out on his own. Sacrifice for the team, teamwork, conditioning, confidence, handling defeat and victory, and time management are among the many things that can be gained by playing another sport. Strength, speed, agility and toughness can be enhanced by playing other sports as well. Clearly, however, the skills needed to be a premier player in lacrosse must be constantly worked on. Therefore, even in the fall, while playing football or soccer, a young man should continue to work on his stick skills on Sundays and down time, since the beauty of the game is built upon the fact that a young man is only as good as the amount of effort he puts into his skills.”
Photo by David Zalubowski/AP Photo

ESPN High School Sports

For more: http://espn.go.com/high-school/lacrosse/recruiting-road/story/_/id/7057666/coaches-recognize-competitiveness-players-play-multiple-sports?src=mobile

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